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Japanese Street Food: Roasted Rice Crackers

Crisp, crunchy, savory, and warm, it's an awesome treat that you can't really find outside of Japan save for in packaged form (I also love packaged senbei). If you make it to Tokyo, head to Asakusa to check out the temple, but make sure to stop for a cracker on the way. It's a site worth a repeat visit. More

My Favorite Japanese Meal: Yudofu, or 'Hot Water Tofu'

Smooth and custardy with an unparalleled clean flavor, yudofu is my favorite way to eat tofu. Literally translating to "hot water tofu," that's essentially all there is to it. Tofu warmed up in a bowl of hot water lightly seasoned with a strip of kombu, and served with a set of simple condiments and side dishes mostly made from tofu and related products. Take a look at a typical yudofu meal in Kyoto. More

Snapshots from Japan: Street Fair Food in Kyoto

The Japanese aren't big snackers. Indeed, it's frowned upon to eat while walking. Which is not to say that the street food isn't delicious. It is, and just like at a midwestern state fair, foods tend to rely heavily on easy-to-do-outdoors cooking techniques like deep-frying and grilling. Sweet, tangy Kewpie mayonnaise is nearly ubiquitous, as are the many minor variations of Worcestershire-based Japanese-style barbecue sauce. Peep through the slideshow for a full look at what you can get in a typical street fair. More

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