'Smokestack Lightning' on Serious Eats

Smokestack Lightning, a Day in the Life of Barbecue

Serious Eats is proud to bring you, through special arrangement, six tasty excerpts from Smokestack Lightning, a Day in the Life of Barbecue. The movie, from filmmakers and serious eaters Scott Stohler and David Bransten, follows ten subjects from five different states, exploring "the history and tradition of this food from its rural beginnings to its present day incarnation in large-scale commercial organizations." More

Smokestack Lightning: 'Wood + Time'

Good barbecue is a matter of meat, heat, and time. In this edition of Smokestack Lightning, two Carolina pit masters, Keith Allen (Allen & Son, Chapel Hill, North Carolina) and Ricky Scott (Scott Family Farm & Barbecue, Hell's Half Acre, South Carolina) talk about the wood they use and the many hours that go into their pork. More

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