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Blogwatch: Sour Cream Pancakes on 'Smitten Kitchen'

[Photograph: Smitten Kitchen] I can't get these pancakes that Smitten Kitchen posted about on Sunday out of my head. They're based on the Pioneer Woman's husband's grandma Edna Mae's recipe. Got all that? No matter. All you need is the recipe, right here, and you're good to go.... More

Meet & Eat: Deb, Smitten Kitchen

If you're not familiar with Deb's food blog, Smitten Kitchen, you're missing out on an excellent source of recipes, encompassing all kinds of cuisines from chicken empanadas to Vietnamese roast pork to gâteau de crêpes. Even if you hadn't been planning to cook something, the desire will inevitably kick in after staring at her vibrant photographs that smack your face right into the belly of a dish. Get to know Deb in this week's Meet & Eat.... More

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