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Home Slice: Things I Learned from the Slice Out Hunger Pizza Party

Slice Adam Kuban 13 comments

"Any tips, observations, or things you'd change about your recipe, workflow, baking, serving, etc, to pass along after making eight or nine consecutive pies in a home oven for a crowd?" —jimmyg in the comments of "The Slice Out Hunger Pizza Party" post

Your answers, right this way.


Home Slice: The Slice Out Hunger Pizza Party

Slice Adam Kuban 23 comments

You know how there used to be this frequently used plot line in '90s sitcoms and dramas — the charity auction where some guy puts himself up as the "prize"? I got myself into something like that in early June, when I volunteered my home-pizza-making services as a "prize" for the Slice Out Hunger raffle bin. More

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