'Skittles' on Serious Eats

Video: Skittles Commercials with Trale Lewous

Trale Lewous loves Skittles more than anyone else in the world, and he won't let anything get in his way when it comes to spreading his love. It doesn't matter that he can't pronounce their name correctly ("skit-TELS"), or that his grammar is off, or that he only has one outfit, or that he's a buffoon. No one else is as passionate about Skittles as he is. More

Riddle Me This: 2 New Flavors of Skittles

From the popular Sours to the ill-fated Chocolates, Skittles has tried out quite a few new products over the years. The two newest contenders on the Skittles scene are Blenders, which debuted in late 2011, and Riddles, which came out in January. We picked up a few packs to find out how they did on the Skittles Spin-Off Spectrum. More

Video: New Skittles Ad, Cute Cat and Weird Man Involved

Check out this new Skittles "Touch The Rainbow" commercial and prepare to be cuted-out, followed by totally weirded-out. I honestly wish the commercial was just the first half but for much longer. As it stands, it reminds me of the weird Burger King "Creepy King" ads. Enough with the creepiness already—bring on more cute, please! You all with me here? Watch the video and decide. More

In Videos: 'I Eat Beats' Skittles Sequencer

Kyle McDonald's sequencer named I Eat Beats features a "tangible and edible music interface" controlled by Skittles. I assume M&Ms and other similarly shaped candies would also work, but it's probably best to use a candy that doesn't melt too easily. You can snack while you sequence—just don't eat all the pieces! Watch the sequencer in action after the jump.... More

Every Corsage Matches a Skittles Dress!

Ringlets, satin dresses, that guy in the white tux: your average prom fashion. But what about a dress crafted from 101 candy wrappers? Yeah, Jessica McClintock doesn't sell that. Craftster member Theperilouspopsicle skipped the average poofy or sequinsy dress to instead spend 15 hours on this adorable halter number with Skittle wrapper fringe and matching shoes. We can only hope the deejay played The Strangeloves' hit "I Want Candy." [via CandyAddict]... More

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