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Recipes to Celebrate Mardi Gras

The Serious Eats Team 1 comment

In honor of Fat Tuesday, let's get a little fatter! Here are a bunch of recipes to put you in the Mardi Gras mood, from jambalaya to King's Cake (watch out for the plastic baby!) to pancakes. And since most people associate Mardi Gras more with drinks than food, don't miss these classic New Orleans cocktails. More

New Jersey Dispatch: Shrove Tuesday and Potato Pancakes

New York BrianYarvin 1 comment

Photo: Brian Yarvin There's more to New Jersey food than can be described in a column—or even an encyclopedia. Yet, even with an open mind, you can still overlook important food resources. That's just what happened to me with... More

Happy Pancake Tuesday!

New York Carey Jones 7 comments

[Photo: Carey Jones] Later in the day, your thoughts may tend toward Mardi Gras. But this morning, it's all about Pancake Tuesday. How to celebrate? There's always Clinton Street Baking Co.: if blueberry doesn't do it for you, today's... More

Celebrate Pancake Tuesday Tomorrow

Erin Zimmer 12 comments

Can you think of a better way to spend a Tuesday? [Photograph: Robyn Lee] Tomorrow isn't just Mardi Gras—it's Pancake Tuesday (or "Shrove Tuesday"). Since the day is all about fattening up, with pancakes playing a very large role, we've put together a list of sweet and savory recipes: 10 Pancake Recipes 1. Ricotta Pancakes 2. Sweet Potato and Kimchi Pancakes 3. Dorie Greenspan's Puffy, Browned Pancake 4. The Best Silver Dollar Pancakes Ever 5. Buttermilk Blueberry Pancakes 6. Goat Cheese and Ricotta Pancakes 7. Baked Brown Sugar Pancakes 8. Shrimp and Scallion Pancake 9. Diner-Style Pancakes 10. Gale Gand's Buttermilk Pancakes... More

In Videos: Flipped Off by the International Pancake Day Race

Adam Kuban Post a comment

For years I've taken a (very) small measure of Kansas pride in the fact that my home state is host to one half of the International Pancake Day Race. Each year on Shrove Tuesday, residents of Liberal, Kansas, race their counterparts in Olney, England, all with pancake pans—and pancakes—in hand. Having never attended a race, I was under the impression that runners had to flip their pancakes throughout the event. Wrong. They flip once at the beginning and once at the end—to prove they still have their pancake payload. [The incriminating video, after the jump.]... More

Gingerbread Pancakes

Lia Bulaong 1 comment

Homesick Texan: "I’d never had gingerbread pancakes until I moved to Austin and after one bite, I no longer had a desire for any other flavor. Take all the spicy goodness of a gingerbread cookie and make it rich, cake-like and fluffy, and there you have the joy that is a gingerbread pancake." Lovely writing, and the pancakes really do look delicious!... More

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