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What's Your Favorite Gas Station Convenience Store for Snacks?

Erin Zimmer 78 comments

While driving up I-90 to Buffalo yesterday, determined to find the best Buffalo wings and beef on weck sandwiches, Carey and I made a pit stop in Meadville, Pennsylvania. We saw the Sheetz sign off the side of the highway. We needed caffeine. Stretching our legs also sounded appealing. And Carey had never been to a Sheetz before! So maybe that was the real reason. More

Crispy Frickin' Chicken: It's Obscenely Delicious

Robyn Lee 20 comments

Street preacher Michael Sucec and his wife Sheri of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, were so offended by a billboard advertising Sheetz's new Crispy Frickin' Chicken sandwich that they complained to Sheetz and contacted the advertising firm to have the billboard taken down. Sucec describes the word "frickin'" as a "euphemism for fornication," devoid of any humor when paired with "chicken" as a rhyme and intensifier. I can't say that "Crispy 'Euphemism for Fornication' Chicken" entered my head when I first read the billboard, but maybe my mind is too corrupt to notice. [via So Good]... More

Route 29 Roadtrip Highlight: F'Real Shakes

Erin Zimmer 13 comments

Inside a Sheetz gas station on U.S. Route 29 in Virginia sat an almighty F'Real shake-maker. Something like a DIY malt shop from the future, it lets you pick from a mini-freezer of ice cream cups and thickness settings. After dropping my vanilla into the sleek blue machine and choosing extra-thick, the cup levitated to a shake-making heaven. Some bzzt noises later, and it dropped back down to our mortal world. More

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