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Crispy Frickin' Chicken: It's Obscenely Delicious

Street preacher Michael Sucec and his wife Sheri of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, were so offended by a billboard advertising Sheetz's new Crispy Frickin' Chicken sandwich that they complained to Sheetz and contacted the advertising firm to have the billboard taken down. Sucec describes the word "frickin'" as a "euphemism for fornication," devoid of any humor when paired with "chicken" as a rhyme and intensifier. I can't say that "Crispy 'Euphemism for Fornication' Chicken" entered my head when I first read the billboard, but maybe my mind is too corrupt to notice. [via So Good]... More

Route 29 Roadtrip Highlight: F'Real Shakes

Inside a Sheetz gas station on U.S. Route 29 in Virginia sat an almighty F'Real shake-maker. Something like a DIY malt shop from the future, it lets you pick from a mini-freezer of ice cream cups and thickness settings. After dropping my vanilla into the sleek blue machine and choosing extra-thick, the cup levitated to a shake-making heaven. Some bzzt noises later, and it dropped back down to our mortal world. More

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