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Video: Cookie Monster in the IBM Muppet Show

Cookie Monster has a ravenous appetite for cookies, true, but really he'd polish off anything you put in front of him. Including this talking contraption, which Jim Henson used in an IBM training video [Update: IBM contracted Henson to make the videos for employees and a then-less-technologically-savvy public; read more about it here] back in 1967. At the time, the blue (well, greenish here) monster's name was actually Arnold the Munching Monster. Here he omnoms everything from the antenna to the generator to the krypton wavelengths. And who can forget about those scrumptious sonar metabolic transducers! More

In Videos: NPR Interview with Cookie Monster

When NPR senior producer Elizabeth Blair interviewed Cookie Monster last year, she asked the blue furball some pretty tough questions. What's you're favorite word? Coooo-kieeees. What's your least favorite word? Out of cooooo-kieees. Favorite sound? Om nom nom nomm. If you were reincarnated as some other plant or animal, what would it be? Snuffleupagus...and have a big snuffle thing. (Nice one, Cookie.) The riveting interview, after the jump.... More

"And Plátano Bananaaaaa!"

To celebrate the fact that I can now wear shorts outside and happily eat fruit again, here are my favorite bilingual singing fruits: Bonus: Same fruits, but singing in Hebrew and Arabic! Boy, they sure get around.... More

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