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Cook the Book: Fire-Roasted Succotash

One of the many things I like about Taming the Flame is that Elizabeth Karmel provides us with lots of easy-to-prepare grilled vegetable dishes. Here's her ingenious take on Fire-Roasted Succotash. Karmel says, "If you are phobic about lima beans, substitute edamame (fresh soybeans) for a new-age succotash."... More

Cook the Book: The Original Beer-Can Chicken

Photograph from digitalprimate on Flickr Beer-Can Chicken has probably been around ever since folks started sitting around campfires or grills drinking beer, so Elizabeth Karmel wisely takes absolutely no credit for its invention. But she's also smart enough to recognize a winning recipe when she sees one. She has two versions in her book Taming the Flame, but I prefer the one with the simple salt-and-pepper spice mix. You won't believe how moist and flavorful the chicken meat gets using this method. Karmel also gives a recipe for beer-can turkey in her book, which you can win here.... More

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