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Serious Entertaining: A 'Game of Thrones' Feast Fit for Kings

Serious Entertaining Jamie Feldmar 8 comments

After a long, bitter winter (Wall-style, minus Hodor for company), the Game of Thrones season premiere is finally upon us (Sunday at 9 p.m. EST on HBO). And there will be blood! (Probably.) Before taking the deep dive back into Westeros, you must have strength. And that means fortifying yourself with a Throne-themed meal that's...dare we say...fit for a king? More

Serious Entertaining: Three Menu Ideas for Game Day

Serious Entertaining J. Kenji López-Alt 14 comments

Here's a fact: I don't like football, but I LOVE snacks. If you're like me, then planning on what you're going to serve during your game day party is the second most exciting part of the game behind the halftime show. Here are three menu ideas to get those juices flowing. Tasty, tasty juices. More

Serious Entertaining: A Meathead's Cookout

Serious Entertaining Ida Yu 3 comments

Grilled meat is the centerpiece of a classic summer cookout and this menu expands that to include a meaty appetizer, salad, and even dessert. We've given you some traditional choices and some with a little more character, but none are short on flavor. It's the perfect menu for a summery feast with friends. More

Serious Entertaining: A Vegetarian Cookout

Serious Entertaining Amalia Safran 12 comments

A vegetarian cookout is a lighter alternative to a usually carnivorous meal. You get the same joys of firing up a grill and spending time outdoors, but this time it's a bit more colorful and healthy. Here's a vegetarian cookout menu that will leave you satisfied on a day where the only place you want to be is outside. More

Serious Entertaining: A Summer Seafood Dinner

Serious Entertaining Sam Bresnick 1 comment

Here's a seafood supper that is easy to make, mostly healthy, and completely delicious. More

Serious Entertaining: A Fruity Brunch

Serious Entertaining Sam Bresnick 2 comments

Here's a (somewhat) healthy, delicious brunch menu showcasing the fruit bounty of mid-July that will cool and refresh both your palate and person. More

Serious Entertaining: A Light, All-Chilled Spanish(ish) Menu

Serious Entertaining Niki Achitoff-Gray 4 comments

I love early summer evenings, with sunsets so late that you feel displaced from time. Until, that is, all of a sudden you're sun-soaked, hot, and...hungry. It's a genuinely distressing phenomenon. I can actually think of few worse feelings than opening your deliciously cool fridge, looking inside, and finding nothing on the shelves but everything-that-needs-to-be-cooked. And, as all actions have equal and opposite reactions, there are obviously few better feelings than opening that fridge and discovering a glorious meal, awaiting consumption at a precise(ish) 36 degrees.

Here's a light, refreshing meal composed exclusively of chilled, Spanish(ish) dishes for your hot weather enjoyment.


Staff Picks: The Ultimate Serious Eats Father's Day Menu

Serious Entertaining Niki Achitoff-Gray 2 comments

Father's Day is many things. Some of them sweet and sentimental, yes, but also a whole lot of holy-crap-what-do-I-DO anxieties. Worry not! You can never go wrong with a gorgeous meal, and we culled the Serious Eats team to see what special occasion meals they'd serve their dads this Sunday. See the full menu after the jump! More

Serious Entertaining: An Italian Picnic

Serious Entertaining J. Kenji López-Alt Post a comment

I know the French like picnics, and if The Sound Of Music taught me anything, Austrians like picnics so long as there is music and matching outfits. But do Italians like picnics? They must, right? Here's what I'd take with me if I were planning an Italian-themed picnic (which, as it turns out, I guess I am!). More

Serious Entertaining: A Thai-Style Tapas Dinner

Serious Entertaining Niki Achitoff-Gray 3 comments

I love to tapas Thai food. Not only does it make a stunning sight, laid out in a lavish and colorful spread, but the boldly sweet, sour, and spicy notes seem to physically lower my body temperature—even when the dishes themselves are fiery-hot. These particular recipes are quick, easy, and hot weather-friendly. Many also call for the same ingredients, so don't be daunted by the volume—once you've gathered staples like citrus fruits, herbs, and fish sauce, the rest of it's a breeze. More

Serious Entertaining: A New England Seafood Dinner

Serious Entertaining J. Kenji López-Alt 13 comments

I was born in Boston and was raised New York as a kid before going back to live in Boston for another 10 years during and after college. Whenever convenient, I like to consider myself a New Englander. That time is usually in the summer, when the rocky beaches are at their drizzliest and the coastal clam shacks fire up the boilers and fryers.

I still make it a point to make at least one or two New England road trips every summer so that I can get my seafood fix. But even when I can't get up to Yankee-land, I'll do my best to get my fix right at home. You can do it too with these recipes for clam chowder, lobster rolls, blueberry pie, and more.


Serious Entertaining: What To Make For Your Mother on Mother's Day

Serious Entertaining J. Kenji López-Alt Post a comment

This Mother's Day, get off your butt, order some flowers, and pamper your mother or perhaps the mother of your children or even the mother of your puppies like she deserves. Here's a menu to help you out. More

Serious Entertaining: Kentucky Derby Party

Serious Entertaining Erin Zimmer 2 comments

I can't claim to be from Kentucky or any state south of the Mason-Dixon (southern California doesn't count right?) but I've been to a few Derby parties in my day. I've worn a few wide-brimmed hats. So let's waste no time and start with mint juleps, then move on to beer cheese, Kentucky Hot Browns, bourbon balls, and more for your Race Day spread. More

Serious Entertaining: Backyard Burger Bash

A Hamburger Today J. Kenji López-Alt 5 comments

You know what spring means? Grilling season is upon us. That means quiet weeknights on the deck scarfing down grilled pizza and sipping on beer with the dogs and wife, or long lazy Sundays grilling burgers with friends. Getting yourself a menu and prepping a bit in advance will help to ensure that those Sundays are as lazy as they can possibly be. Here's how I do it. More

Serious Entertaining: Brunch Party Menu

Serious Entertaining The Serious Eats Team 3 comments

Some friends are coming over for brunch. Oh, and they invited a few more friends. How to feed a biggish crowd for brunch? Here are some recipes that are delicious, filling, and require very little attention once they're popped into the oven. More

Serious Entertaining: A Spring Grilling Menu

Serious Entertaining J. Kenji López-Alt 1 comment

Dang, was it hot on wednesday! The perfect excuse to spend a day out of the office to dive head first into recipe development for the upcoming grilling season. I can't help it. When the weather is nice. I WILL be out on my deck with a fire lit. It's not quite hot enough yet to break out the burgers and beers for a full-on deck party (for some reason, it needs to be either sweltering or snowing before I really want to grill burgers), but spring is the ideal time for a casual al fresco meal with some close friends and loved ones. More

Serious Entertaining: Early Spring Dinner

Serious Entertaining Erin Zimmer 1 comment

Though it's still basically marshmallow-coat weather in New York, our west coast friends have been enjoying spring for a couple weeks now. "Strawberries!" our Bay Area-based Drinks editor Maggie said today when I asked her what spring produce had sprung at her local markets. Hey, even if you can't find strawberries yet, that doesn't mean you can't eat like it's spring. More

Serious Entertaining: Easter In a Flash

Serious Entertaining J. Kenji López-Alt 4 comments

You think easter and you think lamb, peas, spring vegetables, chocolate eggs, and ok, maybe bunnies. And while the Easter feast doesn't have quite the same reputation for being an all-day affair as, say, Thanksgiving or Christmas, the prospect of roasting a leg of lamb or glazing a ham is still a little intimidating. Here are some ideas for a quick Easter dinner that comes together quickly, but is still dressed to impress. More

Serious Entertaining: An All-Pie Menu for Pi Day

Serious Entertaining J. Kenji López-Alt 11 comments

March 14th is International Pi day, though if math were truly a universal language as they say it is, we'd be better off calling it Universal Pi Day. You know what else speaks to everyone across cultures, borders, and even species? Pies. Nobody doesn't love pie. At least, nobody worth inviting to your next dinner party. In the spirit of International Pi Day, we offer you an entire, soup-to-nuts, all-pie feast. More

Serious Entertaining: St. Patrick's Day

Serious Entertaining The Serious Eats Team 8 comments

My Irish eyes are smiling whenever there's a Guinness or, better yet, a Murphy's within reach. But they smile even bigger on St. Patrick's Day, when that dark stout tastes a wee bit merrier. Everything on this hearty corned beef and 'tato menu pairs nicely with a pint and that shamrock headband springing around your head. More

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