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From Serious Eats Talk: Come to My (Kitchen) Aid

Methinks that happy belly has come a knockin' at the right door.... From SE Talk: I'm trying to use my KitchenAid stand mixer for pizza dough. It's a pretty standard 5:3 AP flour:water ratio, salt plus instant yeast. I'm just not sure how long to mix it and at what speed. Sometimes I'm sure it's undermixed: dough is not smooth. Sometimes I think it's overmixed, worked so much it has zero springback. Can anyone make some suggestions for me that knows what they are doing? Your 2¢ is always appreciated. Go here »... More

From SE Talk: 'Healthy Pizza Recipe?'

Over in Serious Eats Talk, sharig58 asks: "I'm making pizza tonight and wanted to buy a premade crust from the grocery store. The last one I used was a premade, almost flatbread-like creation. Couldn't have been grosser, it tasted like a stale cracker. I heard Pillsbury pizza crust is good, but any other suggestions?" There are already some good answers going, particularly AnnieNT's suggestion on using an Afghan flatbread, but if you've got any more ideas, for sharig58, head on over to Talk! »... More

Serious Eats Talk: Good Pizza Near Yankee Stadium?

ardubs81 asks: Headin' down to the bronx from rochester tonight for a yankee game, staying on brook ave about a mile from the stadium and was wondering if there was any great or especially worthwhile pizza in the direct vicinity. Thinkin whole pie, delivery or takeout after the game. Any suggestions pizza or otherwise (planning on enjoying some jamaican food at the feeding tree pregame..) would be much appreciated... Pizza-eatin' Yanks fans can answer here »... More

From Serious Eats Talk: 'How to Keep Dough from Sticking to the Pan?'

In Serious Eats Talk, Skythe asks: I've tried making pizza from scratch several times, and no matter what I do, I end up prying it off of the pan (or once, scrapping it off of my old roommate's pizza stone). I know there are several of you who make your own pizza — can you give me any hints or tips to avoid this problem? Are some doughs better than others? I'm making pizza for a group this weekend, and I really, really would like to avoid the shame of more pre-made, store-bought crusts! Head on into the thread with... More

From Serious Eats Talk: timotheos Makes DIY Portable Pizza Oven

Timotheos got creative and made a portable pizza oven that sounds ripe for tailgating: I started out searching craigslist and found a magic chef wall oven for free...I liked the idea since I was able to start with an oven..I gutted it and disassembled it then put it back together but repacking the insulation with kiln insulation..I put a inverted wok in the top to work as a dome and laid in a layer of fire-brick on the bottom where I placed a 10psi propane burner that is removable as are the firebricks..I used a corderite pizza insert for my... More

From Serious Eats Talk: Pizza Recs in Madison, Wisconsin?

Slice's man in Chicago, Daniel Zemans, is asking for some Madison recs in Serious Eats Talk: In less than two weeks, I'm going to accompany my little sister to Madison for the Art Fair on the Square. My responsibilities to her are largely limited to setting up and cleaning up so I'll have a lot of time to explore.Exploring will include at least one pizza and at least one burger for me to write about on Slice and AHT respectively, more if things are particularly delicious. I need tips from those in the know. Best pizza? Why? Best Burger? Why?... More

From Serious Eats Talk: Top This

In SE Talk, SamGreen asks: I would like to get some ideas on pizza topings! Anything that you have had and loved or think could be awesome on a pizza please let me know. Please no ham and pineapple.. It's just wrong. For inspiration I would direct SamGreen to the awesome series of photos known as My Pie Monday and also to Slice's Top This series. But that's just me. Add your advice to the conversation here »... More

From Serious Eats Talk: How to Freeze Pizza Dough

Over on Serious Eats Talk, Cary asks: I finally managed to make a double batch of my current favorite pizza dough (new KA 600 mixer, replacing old worn down KA) and I want to freeze half. It's been doing the cold rise for several days. So, do I punch it down before freezing, and how and how long do I thaw it when I'm ready? I don't expect to freeze dough often, but I'd like it to work when I do! If you want to take or leave intel, click on through »... More

From Serious Eats Talk: No Proof!

Another pizza-related thread in Serious Eats Talk today. This time Pizza Dan says: "I've made thousands of pizzas and I've never had the yeast fail. So I don't proof my yeast when I make pizza dough. In fact, the only way it might fail is by proofing it with water that's hot enough to kill the yeast. So I just add the yeast to the flour, salt and water and turn out authentic pizza that elicits pleas for dinner invitations." Not so much a question, but if you've got something you want to add, click on through to the other... More

From Serious Eats Talk: Your Favorite Pizza Dough Recipe?

If you missed this thread over on Serious Eats Talk, it's worth visiting: Dear Slicer's: What's your favorite pizza dough recipe? Simon asks: It's been far too long since I've made pizza at home. I have a new oven with a top broiler (instead of the kind all the way in the bottom with the pull out drawer), and would like to put it, and my stone, to good use. I can get it REALLY hot in there with the broiler on. (about 650*)I'm curious to know what your favorite dough recipes are. I'm not scared of yeast, not scared... More

From Serious Eats Talk: Can I Cook Frozen Pizza on My Pizza Stone?

Over on Serious Eats Talk, BananaMonkey asks: For the first time in a decade I'm eating a frozen pizza. The oven is heating now, with pizza stone inside. It just occured to me that tossing the lump of frozen dough of a premade pizza might be too much of a shock fro the stone. Should I not use it?(Don't judge the frozen pizza...my phd dissertation is due in 5 days and I'm moving in 10...something had to give) The result: Yes, you can. BananaMonkey did it, and the stone survived.... More

From Serious Eats Talk: Sophisticated Wedding Pizza?

[jsmooth995 on Flickr] This is a really great thread on Serious Eats Talk. I relate to it because I myself am planning a wedding. (Yes, there is pizza involved at mine.) I'll let Lisa Starr take it away and then give you the link so you can go give her advice: There's no way I could ever really describe my love for pizza. Saying it's my favorite food is a serious understatement. And for all of the pizza snobs — I do in fact enjoy it in every form — I grew up in a really poor household where... More

From Serious Eats Talk: Share Your Sauce Recipe

Over on Serious Eats Talk, mapollmann asks: "Does anyone have a good pizza sauce? I've been trying to come up with a good one that freezes well, but anytime I try to thaw and reuse the sauce it's too watery. I normally use canned tomatoes, a little bit of garlic, s&p, and maybe some oregano. Anyone have a great sauce to share?" Get saucy here »... More

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