'Serious Eats Day 2012' on Serious Eats

More Snapshots from Serious Eats Meetup Day 2012

Last weekend many serious eaters in many cities met up to talk food, exchange recipes, and just drink some good, cold beer together. The 2nd annual Serious Eats Meet Up Day was a huge success. We enjoyed meeting everyone who came out and finally matching a face with a username. Take a peek at some photos sent in to us from Boston, Chicago, Atlanta, San Diego, Portland, Milwaukee, and Colorado. More

Snapshots from Serious Eats Meetup Day 2012, NYC

Many serious eaters in many cities all over the globe met up for International Serious Eats Day on February 25. Over in Brooklyn, quite a few people (we're guessing 150?) showed up to Radegast, a big beer hall in Williamsburg that serves liter-sized beer mugs and face-sized pretzels. We had a blast hanging out with columnists, community members, and two of our youngest meetuppers, the adorable baby duo Malcolm and Lev. Take a look at the photos! More

Serious Eats Day 2012: What Day Should We Celebrate?

Last year we decided there should be an official day when serious eaters gather in cities across the globe to nosh, drink, and just be merry with fellow serious-eatin' folk. Serious Eats Day 2011 was a smashing success with over 60 meet-ups organized in Los Angeles, Brooklyn, Jakarta, and beyond. It's become a little new year's tradition for us, so it's time to plan one for 2012! Please vote on one of the proposed dates in February so we can start planning another. More

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