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What Are Burnt Ends? And Why Are They So Delicious?

"I dream of those burned edges. Sometimes, when I'm in some awful overpriced restaurant in some strange town—all of my restaurant-finding techniques having failed, so that I'm left to choke down something that costs $7 and tastes like a medium-rare sponge—a blank look comes over my face: I have just realized that at that very moment someone in Kansas City is being given those burned edges free." —Calvin Trillin on the burnt ends from Arthur Bryant's. More

Hog Heaven in Nashville, Tennessee

"Hickory smoked," boasted Hog Heaven's menu in reverence to the barbecue gods. These words aren't the only abstraction of barbecue to be found here. Hog Heaven is a minuscule shack off Centennial Park in Nashville, located literally behind a McDonald's and adjunct to a honkytonk dive. There are a few key tenets to the art of barbecue, the holiest of which is using wood smoke to flavor meat. But does this always make for the best barbecue? More

The Secret to Adam Perry Lang's Amazing Sweet Potatoes: Bananas

[From left: ©iStockphoto.com/YinYang and ©iStockphoto.com/luxcreative] Sweet Potatoes with Banana and Brown Sugar View the complete recipe here ยป If you're in Thanksgiving side dish panic mode, you can relax now. Trust me. I was there myself yesterday. Until it came to me in a seriously delicious dream: Chef, barbeculogist, and cookbook author Adam Perry Lang used to send over these amazing sweet potatoes along with his incredible smoked short ribs. But he would never give me the recipe, no matter how many times I asked. Fast forward to yesterday. We had posted a bunch of recipes from Lang's book Serious Barbecue (yes, we do love the name here at HQ), but somehow I had never thought of looking in... More


The following recipe is from the May 6 edition of our weekly recipe newsletter. To receive this newsletter in your inbox, sign up here! No subject will fire up a debate quicker than the topic of barbecue (pun intended). The... More

Cook the Book: 'Serious Barbecue' by Adam Perry Lang

Adam Perry Lang is a French-trained chef with years of experience at illustrious restaurants such as Daniel, Le Cirque, and Guy Savoy. With a resume like that you might assume that Lang would be more comfortable with squeeze bottles and a sous vide machine than tongs and a grill. In fact, Lang has retired his proverbial toque and become a bona fide barbecue expert. In 2003 he opened Daisy May's BBQ and entered the professional barbecue circuit. Lang's pork shoulder won first place at the World Series of Barbecue and was named Grand Champion at the World Pork Expo. With victories like these under his belt, it's obvious that Lang knows his barbecue. His next project is taking him across... More

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