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Vote For Your Favorite 2010 Pi Day Bake-Off Pie

Do you like staring at photos of pie? And thinking about math equations? OK, even if you said no to the second one, we need you. It's time to vote for the best entry in our 2010 Pi Day Pie Bake-Off we co-sponsored with the good, equally pie-obsessed folks of ScienceBlogs. We've narrowed it down to our ten favorites. Voting ends at midnight EST on Thursday, March 18, and winners will be announced on Friday. Let the voting begin! » More

Enter the 2010 Pi Day Bake-off

Pull out the graph paper and forks, it's almost time to celebrate Pi Day! March 14 is a big party of a day for the math constant pi (3.14159..) and whether or not you can recite out to the fiftieth decimal place, you are allowed to eat lots of its homophone, pie. This year we're joining forces with the folks at ScienceBlogs to host the 2010 Pi Day Pie Bake-off. Bake a pie and enter to win $314 in cold, hard cash. More

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