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Danish Æbleskiver

Serious Eats Kalle Bergman 2 comments

Hot Danish æbleskiver. [Photograph: Kalle Bergman]... More

Scandinavian Street Food: Danish Æbleskiver For Christmas

Scandinavian Street Food Kalle Bergman 13 comments

Æbleskiver, which is Danish for "apple slices," are a classic Danish dessert primarily served during Christmas that resemble round pancake balls with a doughnut-like texture. The name is completely misleading though—the recipe hasn't contained apples for over a century. Served warm with icing sugar and jam, they're delicious and deservedly one of the country's most famous desserts. More

Scandinavian Streetfood: Fried Herring on Crisp Bread in Stockholm

Scandinavian Street Food Kalle Bergman 2 comments

Herring is a fantastic little fish that's always been hugely important in Scandinavia. If you visit the region, you can't really leave without having some. Try it pickled, seasoned (with one of the hundreds of local seasonings), or fermented as the infamously super-stinky Surströmming (I dare you—double dare you!). More

Fried Herring on Crisp Bread with Tartar Sauce Recipe

Serious Eats Kalle Bergman Post a comment

Fried Herring On Crisp Bread At Hötorgshallen In Stockholm [Photograph: Kalle Bergman]... More

Crispy Pork Cracklings

Serious Eats Kalle Bergman 5 comments

Making crispy pork cracklings yourself actually isn't that difficult. You just need some pork rind cut into 1/5-inch slices, some salt, a hot oven, and your heart doctor on speed dial. More

Scandinavian Street Food: Danish Crispy Pork Cracklings

Scandinavian Street Food Kalle Bergman 6 comments

The look has a vague resemblance to pig tails. Not the ones attached to heads of little girls, but the ones attached to actual pigs. And the flavor is all oink. But it's the texture that's the star of the show when it comes to Danish crispy pork cracklings: partly firm, cracking under the pressure of your teeth, and partly buttery with a more gentle crunch. More

Scandinavian Street Food: Gourmet Hot Dogs from Andersen Bakery in Copenhagen

Scandinavian Street Food Kalle Bergman 5 comments

This week, I'm sticking to the Danish dogs I first talked about a few weeks ago. But this time around, let's move away from the traditional red sausages and on to real hot dogs: logs of meat shoved into a bun and topped with various good stuff. More

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