'Satellite Wafers' on Serious Eats

Gerrit's Satellite Wafers: Cute Packaging, But Tastes Disgusting

[Photographs: Robyn Lee] Never has a plastic bag of candy lied so much. "The Best of All" says the packaging on a bag of Satellite Wafers, the styrofoam-like pockets filled with edible beads. "This nostalgic candy has enjoyed a great reputation particularly in the northeast, where people love these candies so much they will do anything to get their hands on them." Anything? Really? I would like to meet these folks. Apparently some kids like to play church with them because they resemble communion wafers; others enjoy the likeness to UFOs. Still others like eating things that can be shaken like maracas. Maybe the candy market was less competitive forty years ago, because I don't believe kids today could... More

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