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Fuchsia Dunlop, General Tso, and Me

Sarah Deming 1 comment

Serious Eats has lunch with Fuchsia Dunlop and finds out why she focused on Hunanese cuisine for her latest cookbook: “Nothing’s been written on it," Ms. Dunlop says. "It is hearty and rustic, and I think that’s what people love to cook at home. That’s what I love to cook myself. Also, although many people have heard of Hunanese food, there is a misconception about what it actually is.” More

Oysters vs. Chocolate: Which Is Sexier?

Sarah Deming 10 comments

It will be a two-round championship match between these two popular and alleged aphrodisiacs. In the first round, judges will be fed a three-course meal of oysters, then go home and have sex. In the second round, a three-course meal of chocolate. After each round, judges will rate their arousal and pleasure on a scale of one to ten. Which will take home the belt? More

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