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Cook the Book: Chicken Tingas Sandwich

Piled high with beans, meat, avocado, shredded lettuce, salty cheese, and some sort of spicy sauce-slathered protein, few things are better than a great Mexican sandwich. Whether it's a torta or a cemita, these guys are equal parts quality and quantity. This Chicken Tingas Sandwich from The Big New York Sandwich Book begins with slow simmered chicken braised in chipotle vinegar adobo sweetened with Mexican Coke and juicy summer tomatoes, otherwise known as tingas. More

Peppers and Eggs Sandwich

Second only to the coldcut heavy Italian sub, Peppers and Eggs is about as Italian-American as you can get, sandwich-wise. This recipe, adapted from Defonte's in Brooklyn for The Big New York Sandwich Book, is a spot-on home adaptation of the deli classic. Sautéed and simmered onions and bell peppers are scrambled with eggs, finished with a hefty handful of mozzarella and piled into a crusty long roll. More

Cook the Book: Piedmontese Roast Beef with Pickled Ramp Aïoli

When asked for a sandwich-y contribution to The Big New York Sandwich Book, Gramercy Tavern chef Michael Anthony chose one that incorporated classic Gramercy Greenmarket ingredients, a Piedmontese Roast Beef with Pickled Ramp Aïoli served on focaccia. This a sandwich for those who had the good sense to preserve early spring ramps for year-round enjoyment. (And even if you didn't, there are still ways to cheat it.) More

Cook the Book: Salame ala Diavolo

Salame ala Diavolo is Maialino chef Nick Anderer's contribution to The Big New York Sandwich Book. You're not going to find it on Maialino's lunch menu, but it's the kind of sandwich you could assume that he and his kitchen crew munch on—a play on an Italian sub assembled from salumi scraps and focaccia ends that haven't made it to the bread basket, with a pepper-olive relish that ties it all together. More

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