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The Vegetarian Option: Porsena

Sara Jenkins is best known for her massively popular East Village pork-fest, Porchetta; but growing up in Rome and Tuscany, pasta was one of her first loves. So when we heard that she was opening Porsena, a restaurant focused on pastas, we jumped at the chance to see what she can offer to those of the meatless persuasion. More

Veloce Pizzeria, East Village, Manhattan

"Here Come the Nice" Veloce Pizzeria 103 First Avenue, New York NY 10003 (b/n 6th/7th; map); 212-777-6677; velocepizzeria.com Pizza Style: Sorta Sicilian, sorta grandma-style (somewhere in between) pan pizzas Oven Type: Gas The Skinny: If cooked to sufficient doneness, these 12-inch pies are delicious. Crunchy crust with a spongy-springy interior topped by a thick tasty sauce and quality mozz. Just be sure to eat it IMMEDIATELY; the dough (which may be too oily for many people) loses its crispness fast, becoming flaccid within 5 minutes of sitting in the pan and downright soggy after 10. Your best bet is to... More

Cook the Book: 'Olives and Oranges'

The daughter of a foreign correspondent and the famed food authority Nancy Harmon Jenkins, Sara Jenkins, author (along with food writer Mindy Fox) of this week's Cook the Book selection, Olives & Oranges, spent her formative years caravanning around Europe absorbing local flavors and learning culinary traditions. By the time she was a teenager, Sara had lived in France, Lebanon, Spain, and Italy. It is no surprise, then, that Sara's cooking—at such illustrious restaurants as 50 Carmine, Il Buco, and I Coppi—is as whimsical and improvised as it is rooted in Mediterranean traditions. With Olives & Oranges, Jenkins builds on the "language of flavor" she learned along her travels. From classics such as Lemon Olive Oil Cake and Tuscan... More

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