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Daily Slice: Nizario's Pizza, San Francisco

Nizario's Pizza isn't bar pizza, but it is pizza near lots of Inner Richmond bars and is good for a cheap slice. This place has really thick, bread-y pizza dough; an ideal post-drinking slice. The chewiness of the crust overshadows the flavor, but as a hangover preventer it has its advantages. For one, the extra chewing time means more time to sober up, and extra carbs are a key alcohol buffer. More

The Urban Farming Debate

Two of the biggest environmental concerns these days are climate change and sustainable food production. Urban farming has been touted as a solution to both problems. Small-scale agricultural operations have taken root across the country's metropolises, particularly on roofs and in other under-utilized city space. These farms could decrease carbon dioxide levels in the air, lower heating and cooling costs for buildings, and increase access to fresh food for city residents. More

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