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Scenes From Meatopia 2013, San Antonio, TX

Nick Solares 7 comments

This year, Meatopia eschewed its New York City roots and headed straight for Texas. Hungry masses and an impressive roster of chefs gathered in San Antonio on Sunday for Josh Ozersky's celebrated meat-centric festival. Click through the slideshow to catch the highlights! More

Burger City Guides: Jason Dady's Favorite Burgers in San Antonio

A Hamburger Today Erin Jackson 3 comments

When he's not in the kitchens of the five restaurants he oversees in San Antonio, there's a good chance Jason Dady is eating a burger. And, judging by his precise list of preferences, he might just be "one of us." More

Hill Country Burger Delight at O'Brien's Restaurant in Bergheim, TX

A Hamburger Today Damon Gambuto 1 comment

A surprisingly good burger pops up in the hill country of Texas just outside of San Antonio. More

San Antonio, TX: Remember the Cheeseburger at Chris Madrid's

A Hamburger Today Damon Gambuto 5 comments

This San Antonio joint is serving up some unforgettable cheeseburgers that are not to be missed. More

Chain Reaction: Unexpectedly Great Burgers at The Longhorn Cafe

A Hamburger Today Damon Gambuto 3 comments

The Longhorn Cafe is serving up some classic cheeseburgers that are darn good. More

Snapshots from the Tamale Festival in San Antonio

Chichi Wang 15 comments

The competition was stiff at the third annual Tamales! festival, with entries falling into one of four categories: meat, vegetarian, dessert, and wildcard. These were the best homemade tamales from all over San Antonio. And I must have tasted 40 of them by the end of the day...check out my tamale adventures! More

San Antonio Burger Icon Chris Madrid Dies at 61

A Hamburger Today Robyn Lee 1 comment

Chris Madrid, founder of famous San Antonio burger joint Chris Madrid's, died this past Sunday at 61 due to an enlarged heart caused by high blood pressure, reports San Antonio Express-News. Madrid opened his burger joint in 1977; you can read more about the restaurant's history at chrismadrids.com. More

Hangover Helper: Fried Green Tomatoes at The Monterey, San Antonio TX

Drinks Maggie Hoffman 4 comments

As long as you're not too hung over to face the light, The Monterey's sunny side patio is a wonderful place to spend a weekend morning/afternoon. The restaurant, which is in an old converted Sunglo gas station, also serves up what to need to ease your way into the day. More

How the Owl Bar's Green Chile Cheeseburgers Fueled the Atom Bomb Scientists

A Hamburger Today Robyn Lee 3 comments

James Beard award-winning food writer Jason Sheehan tells the story (his "hands-down favorite food story ever") of how green chile cheeseburgers fed the minds in charge of making the atomic bomb in "The Birth of the Atomic Cheeseburger" over at Gilt Taste. More

San Antonio: How to Make Puffy Tacos

Erin Zimmer 20 comments

A puffy taco is not a crispy taco, a crunchy taco, or a soft taco. It is strictly a puffy taco, and after having one (or three), you may be willing to forsake all other taco forms. Chef Diana Barrios-Treviño Los Barrios in San Antonio will readily admit that she didn't invent the puffy, but she and her family have perfected them over the years. Maybe you've seen her make them on Throwdown with Bobby Flay (and win)? The puffy taco shells are super-crisp on the outside but soft within—surprisingly light for fried dough. We were recently in San Antonio and learned how to make the Tex-Mex specialty. More

Big-Ass Pizza

Slice Adam Kuban 12 comments

Over on Reddit, folks are freaking out about this gigantor pizza. Resident SE "redditor" J. Kenji Lopez-Alt pointed this out to me and I was like, That's gotta be from Big Lou's in San Antonio. Though other redditors mention that pizzas that big are available from other places, such as Bacci's in Chicago. I particularly like the comment that said, "That is the tiniest table and boy I have ever seen!"


Top 5: San Antonio Burger Blog's Favorite Burgers in San Antonio

A Hamburger Today The Serious Eats Team 6 comments

Our Top 5 series continues with the crew behind San Antonio Burger Blog. Over the last year, they've reviewed 41 burger joints in San Antonio; here are their five favorites. Cheese-iriffic burger from Chris Madrid's. [Photograph: San Antonio Burger Blog]... More

Photo of the Day: Big Pizza, Little Kid

Slice Adam Kuban 6 comments

From the blog Home & Season: We headed home, then ordered in some pizza, from Big Lou’s….OMG this is the pizza to die for…absolutely delicious. Everything is made from scratch. We’ve met the owner, he’s a down to earth guy. The biggest pizza you can order is 42″…I’m not kidding. Then you have to pay $5.00 extra for the box, oh and you need a truck or a van to fit the pizza if you’re ordering out! And you must have a big crowd to feed or you’ll be having pizza for the next two days! Here’s a pic... More

Mama's Texas Bean Burger Has More Than Just Beans

A Hamburger Today Robyn Lee Post a comment

It also has Fritos, as described by Robb Walsh in his review of the bean burger from Mama's Cafe, a mini-chain in Texas. From bottom to top, the burger is constructed like so: bun, layer of refried beans, Fritos, slice... More

The Breakfast Tacos of San Antonio

Lia Bulaong 3 comments

Denver Post sportswriter John Henderson visits San Antonio for work and develops a fascination for that city's great contribution to Tex-Mex cuisine, the humble breakfast taco: "I can't imagine trying to drive with cheddar and beans flowing down my wrist but in San Antonio, the traditions of neighboring Mexico clash with fast-paced modern American society. I often saw people driving through downtown in the morning with a taco nearing their mouth. It's messier than a cellphone but not nearly as annoying. "It doesn't take up too much of your time when you're rushing," Torres said. "You call, it's ready, you pick it up and go."... More

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