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On the Beer Trail: An Epic Beer Tasting in Salt Lake City

Drinks Ethan Fixell 14 comments

Though I seem to have somehow inherited Dean Martin's liver, no one else in my immediate family is much of a drinker. So when I took a ski trip with my Dad and brother to Utah, a drop-in at Epic Brewing Company in Salt Lake City wasn't an easy sell. Still, aware of my priorities while touring on the road, my travel companions were willing to make the concession in exchange for my committing to the hotel pullout that night. More

Salt Lake City: Garlic Lovers Paradise at Lucky 13

A Hamburger Today Alison J Herzog 7 comments

Lucky 13 serves well-executed burgers with a lot of garlic love and dreamy house-smoked bacon. More

Where Would You Escape To For Breakfast Pastries?

The Serious Eats Team 10 comments

Is there any better feeling in the morning than opening the door of a bakery, and getting hit with warm butter-scented air rushing out? We're huge fans of breakfast pastries, and while we all dream of having the perfect bakery right in our neighborhood, there are some so amazing that we'd travel distances to get there. A perfect pain au chocolat, morning bun, or almond croissant is a treat worth seeking out. Here are 5 bakeries across the country we'd deem worth a special trip. More

Sugar Rush: Grand America Bread Pudding at La Bonne Vie, Salt Lake City

Sweets Jay Friedman 2 comments

Made from croissant pieces and lots of eggs (with extra yolks thrown in for good measure), the bread pudding is rich and remarkably moist, even after time in the showcase. It's great on its own, but you'll likely be adding a little (okay, maybe a lot) of the accompanying rum sauce to bathe this baby with extra elegance and extravagance. More

A Sandwich a Day: The Premium at Toaster's in Salt Lake City

A Sandwich a Day Alison J Herzog Post a comment

The Premium ($7.49) from Toasters layers premium prosciutto with fresh mozzarella, tomatoes, and roasted red peppers, all piled gloriously atop a ciabiatta brushed lovingly with balsamic vinegar and olive oil that's then "toasted" in a panini press. After eating this, I thought about it for the next week straight. More

A Sandwich a Day: The Godfather at Caruso's Deli in Salt Lake City

A Sandwich a Day Alison J Herzog 2 comments

The Godfather ($6.25) from Caruso's Deli in Salt Lake City is proof that nothing tastes as good as simplicity done right. The foundation of the sandwich is a sourdough loaf, baked fresh daily at Stoneground Bakery. It lends the right resistance when biting down and sourdough tang to complement the salty, creamy flavors of the sandwich innards: turkey, roast beef, bacon, and provolone. The thinly sliced meats, chewy bacon, and melty cheese make you wish you had ordered a second loaf. More

A Sandwich A Day: 'The Caputo' at Tony Caputo's, Salt Lake City

Carey Jones 5 comments

I'd never given much thought to Salt Lake City as an Italian food destination, but Tony Caputo's is a mighty fine Italian market, with any kind of cured meats, cheeses, pastas, tomatoes, and imported goods you can imagine. At the sandwich counter, you can't go wrong with 'The Caputo' ($8.25)—prosciutto, mortadella, and salami layered with provolone, plus lettuce and tomato More

A Sandwich A Day: 'Machine Gun' from Bruges, Salt Lake City

Carey Jones 13 comments

It sounds like a novelty stunt, or a Primanti's knockoff--Belgian frites and fried merguez sausage and tons of sauce in a bun, served at Belgium native Pierre Vandamme's fries-and-waffles shop, Bruges. But it's a classic friterie sandwich called a "mitraillette," directly translated to "machine gun"--and a far more refined sandwich than the description lets on. More

Salt Lake City: Tracking Utah's Pastrami Burger at Crown Burgers

A Hamburger Today David Kover 21 comments

It's time to put the spotlight on Utah's pastrami burger—specifically the one from Crown Burgers. More

8 Cities and the Dishes They're NOT Known For (But Should Be)

The Serious Eats Team 49 comments

New York is a legendary pizza town. New Orleans has some serious sandwich credibility (po' boys and muffulettas). Check and check. But when searching for the best bites all over the country this year, we found some surprises—mind-blowingly tasty foods thriving in regions we didn't really expect at first. Breakfast pastries in Salt Lake City, hot dogs in Tuscon, and more. More

Daily Slice: Settebello, Salt Lake City

Slice Carey Jones 5 comments

The pizza above just emerged from a 900°F oven at Settebello Pizzeria Napoletana in Salt Lake City. Opened in January of 2007, it's the second Settebello location (the first is outside Las Vegas in Henderson, Nevada), and Utah's first VPN-certified pizzeria. The flour is Molino Caputo; the prosciutto, from Parma; many of the cured meat products, from Salumi in Seattle. More

French Toast at Finn's in Salt Lake City

Carey Jones Post a comment

There are two kinds of dressed-up French toast: French toast with stuff on it, and French toast with stuff in it. I generally find myself more a fan of the latter, so I loved the Jule Kake French Toast ($8.49) at Finn's in Salt Lake City, which might be called a Scandinavian diner. Here, the "Norwegian Christmas Bread" is laced with raisins, citron, cardamom, ginger, and cinnamon, dipped in a simple creamy-eggy batter and griddled golden brown. More

Morning Buns at Tulie Bakery in Salt Lake City

Sweets Carey Jones 1 comment

Before visiting Utah a few weeks ago, I can't say I had any preconceptions about Salt Lake City's bakery scene. But after a morning spent cruising the town for pastries, I have to say, I'm pretty impressed. Former Serious Eats intern Alison Herzog brought me by Tulie Bakery to sample all sorts of chocolate goodies, but it was the morning bun I fell hard for—flaky, tender croissant pastry spiraled around sugar, tasting gently but unmistakably of orange. More

Salt Lake City: The Copper Onion

A Hamburger Today An AHT Field Agent 7 comments

Today's AHT reader recommendation comes from Rod Schiffman (aka brownbag on AHT) in Salt Lake City. The Copper Onion appeared in Salt Lake magazine's latest issue as one of the best burgers in Utah. Thanks, Rob! If anyone else wants... More

Burger Joint Recommendations in Salt Lake City: Crown Burger

A Hamburger Today Robyn Lee 1 comment

Photograph from Jim Urquhart of The Salt Lake Tribune Vanessa Chang of The Salt Lake Tribune recommends three burger joints in Salt Lake City: Hires Big H, B&D Burger, and Crown Burger. Her favorite is from the Salt Lake City-based... More

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