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The Nine Best Sandwiches in the Mission, San Francisco

J. Kenji López-Alt 9 comments

I spent five weeks this summer living in San Francisco's Mission District, going to bars that let my dogs roam free, making plans for big hiking trips, and pretending that I was going to learn to surf. Instead, I mostly ate sandwiches. Lots of sandwiches. Over 50 of 'em, from 23 different sandwich shops—that's every single self-proclaimed sandwich shop in The Mission, and then some. Here is my totally personal list of the 9 best sandwiches in the neighborhood. More

The Best Sandwich in San Francisco's Mission, Part 4: Fancy-Pants, Wacky, and "Other" Sandwiches

J. Kenji López-Alt 5 comments

We're wrapping up San Francisco Mission Sandwich Week with the best of the rest. The sandwiches in this list are the odds and ends that were tasty and memorable enough to earn a place in my notebook and camera roll, but didn't fall neatly into my Grilled Cheese, Mexican, or San Franciso-style Sub categories. What we've got here is a mix of fancy, simple, wacky, and otherwise plain delicious options. More

The Best Sandwich in San Francisco's Mission, Part 3: San Francisco-Style Subs

J. Kenji López-Alt 13 comments

My five week-long, 50+ sandwich odyssey this past summer was all triggered by my first taste of Dutch Crunch bread, a bread unique to the Bay Area, and the ultimate choice for a sub-style sandwich. Today, we're finding the best San Francisco sub-style sandwich in the Mission. More

The Best Sandwich in San Francisco's Mission, Part 2: Mexican Sandwiches

J. Kenji López-Alt 6 comments

While San Francisco's Mission District may be more well known for its burritos and tacos, it's no slouch in the Mexican sandwich section either. Today we continue our search for the best sandwich in San Francisco's Mission District with tortas and pambazos. More

The Best Sandwich in San Francisco's Mission, Part 1: Grilled Cheese

J. Kenji López-Alt 6 comments

Welcome to San Francisco's Mission Sandwich week, in which we detail our five-week experiment tasting and documenting over 50 sandwiches in one small neighborhood. The goal? To put together the ultimate sandwich lover's guide to San Francisco's Mission District. We're kicking it off today with grilled cheese. More

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