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Staff Picks: Our Favorite Ways to Eat Spring Produce

The Serious Eats Team 5 comments

We're getting amped for summer produce around the corner (watermelon! tomatoes!), but in the meantime we're still eating our asparagus, garlic scapes, and rhubarb. Here are some of our favorite ways to eat the springtime goodness. More

SE Staff Picks: Our Favorite Easter Candy

Staff Picks The Serious Eats Team 62 comments

With Easter around the corner, we've been eating our fair share of bunny-shaped chocolates and jelly beans. But what sweets do we actually enjoy eating this time of year? The SE staffers share their favorites in the exciting world of Easter candy. More

Staff Picks: Our Favorite Non-Guac Ways to Eat Avocados

Staff Picks The Serious Eats Team 48 comments

We have absolutely nothing against guacamole. In fact, we're more than a little obsessed, whether plain and simple or amped up with bacon, jicama, or Sriracha. But the avocado is rich in possibilities—smash it on toast, mix it up with a salad, blend it into a milkshake. Here are our favorite non-guac ways to eat the avocado. More

Staff Picks: Foods We Want to Eat More of in 2012

Staff Picks The Serious Eats Team 28 comments

If you could eat more of anything this year, what would it be? From tofu to pie, here are the foods on our "must-stuff-more-into-our-mouths" list. In some cases, we had to answer with less of a certain food (e.g. hamburgers). So, more non-hamburger foods, if you're Kenji. More

SE Staff Picks: What's Your Worst Hangover Food?

The Serious Eats Team 73 comments

While we have a whole column devoted to hangover helpers, there are plenty of foods that we'd like to avoid on those headachey, face-throbbing mornings after a night of excessive drinking. And some of these foods are our favorites in normal, non-hangover states. How about you—what do you like to avoid eating? More

SE Staff Picks: What's Your Favorite Food Smell?

Staff Picks The Serious Eats Team 107 comments

You eat with your nose as much as you do your mouth. Some food aromas are so powerful and potent, you can practically taste them after a deep whiff. Ever been in a bakery when they pull out a fresh loaf of bread? Don't you kind of want to bottle up that scent for later? The SE staffers share their favorite food smells. What are yours? More

SE Staff Picks: Fall Comfort Foods We Love Eating

The Serious Eats Team 25 comments

Fall is officially here! All those summer berries and watermelons were great and all, but we're ready for the gourds, apples, pears, and warm autumnal flavors. We're especially excited to dig into these soups, pies, roasted veggies, and more of our favorite fall comfort foods. More

SE Staff Picks: Our Favorite Recent Cocktails

Drinks The Serious Eats Team 15 comments

What would the dream happy hour at Serious Eats HQ look like? Well, there'd be lots to nibble, of course, starting with bacon-and-tomato guacamole maybe some of Kenji's extra-flaky scallion pancakes. Plus, we'd have a bartender whipping up some of our favorite cocktails. Here are a few of the boozy beverages we've enjoyed lately, from serious spirit-forward stuff to a light and frothy piƱa colada More

SE Staff Picks: Sandwiches We Like to Pack in a Sack Lunch

Staff Picks The Serious Eats Team 18 comments

With school back in session, our minds went straight to sandwiches. (Surprise, surprise.) New pencil boxes are exciting and all but they don't taste as good. We thought back to all those Ziploc'd and foiled-up sandwiches in our sack lunches over the years. Here are some classic favorites, as well as some we've started making since the school days. More

Staff Picks: Our Favorite Cereals

Staff Picks The Serious Eats Team 99 comments

With our new Cereal Eats column in full swing, we've been spending more time eating and opining about cereal around the office. Dry or with milk? What kind of milk? And do you drink the cereal-stained leftover milk after? Are you still coping with the emotional issues associated with being raised in a sugary-cereal-free household? How has it affected the rest of your life? Because it clearly has. Hear from all of the SE staffers what cereals, both hot and cold, we like best. More

SE Staff Picks: Our Favorite Non-Pedestrian Cheeses

Staff Picks The Serious Eats Team 64 comments

Recently the gang at SEHQ shared a round-up of favorite cheeses. Turns out we're not too refined in our taste. We love our mozzarella, feta, and goat cheese, what can we say. Some of you were shocked at our pedestrian choices. This time around, we're living up to the "serious" of our name. We're stepping it up with these lesser-known, very rare, very hard to find, sometimes nearly impossible to find (unless you know a guy who knows a guy who knows a cat) varieties. Apologies in advance if it makes us sound like a bunch of cheese snobs. More

SE Staff Picks: Some of Our Favorite Farmers' Markets

Staff Picks The Serious Eats Team 14 comments

With it being National Farmers' Market Week this week, we stopped to reflect on some of our favorites in the country. There are far too many to list here; too many bites of juicy peaches, sweet tomatoes, and pickled beets that didn't make it into this roundup. But here are a handful that we especially love, and go out of our way to visit when we're in town. What farmers' markets do you frequent? More

SE Staff Picks: Our Favorite Cheeses

Staff Picks The Serious Eats Team 111 comments

Thankfully none of the SE staffers are cheese-intolerant. We all love cheese, really love it. And thankfully, SEHQ is situated right across the street from one of the best mozzarella sources we know. When we're not slicing up a ball of that, we're melting Kraft Single slices on sliders or ending a nice dinner with a cheese plate and some red onion jam. Yup, we love our cheese. Here are some of our favorites; let's hear yours! More

SE Staff Picks: What's Your Favorite Taco Filling?

Staff Picks The Serious Eats Team 71 comments

How do I fill thee, taco? Let us count the ways. And there are so many delicious ways. After researching regional taco styles for this guide, we all sat around comparing our favorite varieties. From Texas breakfast tacos to a streetside taco truck's shredded, falls-apart-tender barbacoa, here are some of our favorite ways to fill a tortilla; let's hear yours! More

SE Staff Picks: Erin's Salty Oat Cookies

Sweets Erin Zimmer 2 comments

Even people who say they don't like raisins, oats, or cookies (eh, maybe the last category doesn't really exist) will like Salty Oats. It's really hard to go back to unsalted oatmeal cookies after one (or five!) of these. More

SE Staff Picks: Robyn's Chocolate Chip Cookies

Sweets Robyn Lee 6 comments

Sometimes I tell people that I like baking, but in reality I think I just like eating chocolate chip cookies, and the only way I can guarantee chocolate chip cookie-derived happiness is by baking them myself. Ad Hoc's chocolate chip cookie recipe is my go-to dessert for birthdays, parties, pot lucks, and the like—not to the point that I have it memorized, but it has the honor of being written on a small piece of paper taped to my refrigerator. More

SE Staff Picks: Carey's Rum Raisin Ice Cream

Sweets Carey Jones 4 comments

I got my first ice cream maker sometime in elementary school, and ever since then, I've made my dad a batch of rum raisin ice cream for just about every Christmas, birthday, and Father's Day. He claims my version is the best he's ever had, which I think boils down to three factors: 1. It's homemade, which always adds appeal; 2. I'm his daughter; 3. There's a lot of rum in it. The alcohol keeps it nice and soft, scoopable even after a few days in the freezer. More

SE Staff Picks: Maggie's Secret-Ingredient Oatmeal Cookies

Sweets Maggie Hoffman 3 comments

This week, we decided to gather together some of our favorite dessert recipes to share with you. These are the recipes we turn to again and again, at family gatherings and potlucks, for parties and picnics and when we're just craving the one treat that will really satisfy. These cookies are the ultimate in oatmeal for me. More

Maggie's Favorite Oatmeal Cookies

Serious Eats Maggie Hoffman 3 comments

These cookies are chewy, spicy, and complex. Be sure not to overbake them—they'll harden a bit as they cool. More

SE Staff Picks: Our Favorite Cool-Off Treats

Staff Picks The Serious Eats Team 12 comments

The AC can only do so much. When you're feeling sticky, sweaty, and heat-defeated, what do you reach for? Ice cream would probably make you a happier person, and can always be justified in these scenarios. It's only right to eat more frozen treats this time of year! The gang here at SEHQ chimed in with their favorite cool-off sweets and drinks. Let's hear yours! More

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