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How to Make Fried Sweet Cheese Pierogi

Of all the pierogi that New York has introduced me to over the years, it's the sweet cheese version that has really stolen my heart. Tangy, creamy, sweet, and cheesy, it straddles the line between savory and sweet, making it perfect to eat no matter the occasion. Here's how to make 'em at home. More

Spotted: The One and Only Roshen's Kyiv Cake in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn

Though they may not be well known in the U.S., Ukraine offers an astonishing array of tempting desserts, from homemade cyrnyky (cheese pancakes) topped with strawberry sorbet to row upon row of truffles at the local bazaar or grocery store. None of them, however, are as beloved as candy company Roshen's Kyivc'kiy tort (Kyiv cake). After a hunt, one New Yorker finds out you you can get the real deal in Brooklyn. More

Russian Pastries on a Budget at Bakery La Brioche

On a sleepy stretch of Brighton Beach Avenue you'll find Bakery La Brioche, a glitzed-out Russian bakery with gold trim and marble countertops festooned with doughnuts, cakes, and small buns. If you've been disappointed by pretty-looking but dull-tasting pastries elsewhere in Brighton Beach, this bakery may be your answer. More

Good Bread: New York Bread

The scent of drying grain wafts from the door of Coney Island's New York Bread bakery. The aroma emanates from the cooling room, where rack after rack of dark rye and wheat loaves wait to be bagged and shipped. For Brooklyn's Russian community, that smell is the essence of the homeland, of rolling fields of wheat and rye baking in the summer sun. More

Piroshky Piroshky at Pike Place Market in Seattle

Piroshky (or pirozhok—but not to be confused with pierogi) is the Russian version of an empanada, calzone, or any other stuffed hand-held pie. Common fillings include poppy seeds, sausage, and cabbage. At Piroshky Piroshky in Seattle's Pike Place Market, they add a Pacific Northwest twist with a version that rolls up smoked salmon pate. More

Grocery Ninja: Russian Blood Candy, Just in Time for Halloween

In my United Nations of a household, the Halloween tradition is for the housemates to contribute to a giant candy stash—so we have a pool of unusual, globetrotting candy to offer the neighbors’ kids. This year, I was ready to break out my childhood fave—chewy, milky, nougaty Chinese White Rabbit candy. But in September, four babies died and thousands of people got sick after drinking melamine-tainted milk from China. Tons of milk-containing products were recalled, and I had to feed my beloved White Rabbits to the trash. My housemates joke that I should have kept the candy and put them in a bowl with a sign that reads: Beware, Poisoned Apples. But I haven’t quite the same sick sense... More

Hong Kong-Style Coffee Shops in Southern California

The L.A. Times details the genesis of some of Southern California's favorite Hong Kong–style coffee shops, places that serve a mish-mash of dishes: "escargot, Russian borscht, Spam-topped noodle soup, German-style pork knuckle, French toast, Chinese chow fun and a panoply of Italian-style pastas re-imagined for Asian palates." Seems these hotspots took a long and winding march to the L.A. area. First, Russians fled to Shanghai after the Bolsheviks came to power. There, they set up cafes, which had a nice go of it till '49, when the Communists took over. They scurried to Hong Kong, where the mix of HK residents, mainland Chinese, and British spawned a unique type of establishment, one that gave many Hong Kong residents their first... More

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