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Video: Russian Burger King Rap Commercial

This commercial for Burger King in Russia features a woman getting a gigantic BK tattoo, a fire breathing chef, ballerinas, a celestial lady riding a unicorn, a guy whose shoes are on fire, a levitating woman, a levitating tomato, a family with gold teeth, and other things you'll find only at the world's most happening/weird Burger King. (I'll assume it makes more sense if you understand Russian. ...Or maybe not.) More

Drinking the Bottom Shelf: Baltika Grade 9 Extra Lager

I lost my passport a couple weeks ago and the good and bad news is that it doesn't matter at all. I've only left the continent twice in my life, and I haven't even been on an airplane since 2009. I don't think my homebodiness is unusual in the big, dirty scheme of things—I have friends who refuse to leave their side of the street once they've been 86'd from the bar on the other side—but it does make me very sedentary in the Serious Eats context. More

Russian Food Styling

Русиан фуд стылинь ат итз финест. This gallery of Russian meat-product styling is pretty amazing. I don't know if it's a joke or not, but the backgrounds, embellishments, and props that accompany the sausages and such are really baffling. [via Fine Furious Life] Update: It looks like it's genuine. Here's the official site for the meat products.... More

Sausage Art in Russia

Hypothetical conversation between watercolors, pastels, and sausage: Watercolors and pastels (to sausage): You think you can be part of the art community? You think you have what it takes? Sausage: Yes. Watch me. I'll go do it in Russia. And that's just what happened. We weren't sure if we had covered this before, but then realized, we had just covered many other instances of meat artwork. Previously Meat Paintings Photo of the Day: Meatscapes Amazing Charcuterie Floor 'Pig Meets Its Potential'... More

Putin Thinks Cabbage Soup Yields Democracy

Why is Vladimir Putin one of the most powerful leaders in Kremlin history? Because he's got his priorities about cabbage soup straight. He knows it's the key to teaching Russia the ways of democracy. In his final news conference as president he asserted, "let them teach their wives to make shchi," referring to "shchi," the popular Russian cabbage soup.... More

Moscow Making Giant Pizza

St. Basil's Cathedral, blogged to Slice from the Flickr photostream of mashu mashu Not only giant, but with local landmarks depicted upon it: MOSCOW, September 6 (RIA Novosti) - Sightseers in Moscow might be able to take a very different look at local landmarks Thursday when they appear on an enormous pizza baked in honor of the capital's birthday.... The edible "map" will feature famous sights, including the Kremlin, Vorobyovy Gory hills with a platform overlooking the capital and a ski jump, the Moskva River, and new sprawling communities outside the Ring Road around the city. RIA Novosti - Russia... More

For Some Real Frozen Pizza, Try Siberia

We're always interested in instances of expatriate New Yorkers opening pizzerias in lands far from home, moving into a market to capitalize on the perceived lack of good pies. Usually that means Las Vegas, Kansas City, or elsewhere in the United States. We never thought that phenomenon would occur in Siberia. It did, except that the expat New Yorker is an expat Minnesotan. Eric Shogren (right) has built up an impressive empire of New York–style pizza chains in Novosibirsk: Shogren is the founder of New York Pizza, Siberia's fastest-growing fast-food chain. His little empire includes 14 New York Pizza joints,... More

Psoy Saucy

In our previous entry, we talked about a modern-day urban explorer, the Lonesome Hero, who in turn spoke a little about Russia and pizza by way of explaining his "Pizza World Tour." And so, speaking of pizza in Russia and Russians and pizza, and pizza world tours, we bring you a crazy little song by Psoy Korolenko, a "singing professor, dancing scholar, and academical bodysinger" from Russia. Mr. Korolenko sings a song about pizza, which our pal Cyrus alerted us to. (He found it here.) "Have you listened to it yet?" Cyrus asked me repeatedly. "Not yet." "You have to... More

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