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Cheap Buzz: Ruby Tuesday

Ruby Tuesday has been duking it out with T.G.I. Friday's in strip mall parking lots for decades. And if you had to ask me, I'd say Ruby Tuesday is winning. Like Boston Market, Ruby Tuesday's has decided, despite the poor economic times, to up the ante. Founder Sandy Beall has poured $100 million into his restaurants, hoping to revitalize the brand. As noted in the New York Times, the furniture is nicer now—all leather and dark wood—and the menu features "fancy" fare. So, have the cocktails kept up with the upgrade? In this edition of Cheap Buzz, we decided to find out. More

How Ruby Tuesday Fake-Blew Up a Fake Restaurant

Want to know how Ruby Tuesday fake-blew up a fake restaurant? On their website, they've posted a video that shows how they pulled off what they're calling the "Big Bang." They used the magic of special effects: a miniature model, a green screen, and some computer-driven special effects combined with live action actors. Even though it was a lame marketing stunt, part of me wanted to believe that they at least had had the wherewithal to use explosives to blow up something, even if just the empty shell of a fake restaurant. But no—it was just a miniature. Enough! Previously Adventures in Lame Viral Marketing, Courtesy of Ruby Tuesday Ruby Tuesday Punks Us All, Blows Up Wrong Restaurant... More

Adventures in Lame Viral Marketing, Courtesy of Ruby Tuesday

Yesterday, Ruby Tuesday punked us all by promising to broadcast a live video of them blowing up one of their restaurants "as a symbol of their commitment to change," but instead, Ruby Tuesday "accidentally" blew up the fake chain restaurant next door. On YouTube, newly created users (aka Ruby Tuesday plants) posted videos of the "accident," and later that day, an apology letter was posted on rubytuesday.com Today, a video appears on their homepage with "Jim Robbins, senior VP of marketing," reading off cue cards, "apologizing" to Cheeky's Bar and Grill for the accidental destruction. The marketers went as far as creating a lame, nonworking website for Cheeky's (created July 3, WHOIS records report), that reads: Due to recent events,... More

Ruby Tuesday Punks Us All, Blows Up Wrong Restaurant

Ruby Tuesday was going to blow up one of its stores at an undisclosed location today as a symbol of a brand-wide makeover, but, in some silly prank, the "live" video (if you could get it to load) showed them "accidentally" blowing up the fake chain restaurant next door. Haha. The supposed location was Mount Holly, Ohio, but there is no Ruby Tuesday there. After the jump, the video Ruby Tuesday ran and the letter that was posted on their homepage, apologizing for blowing up "Cheeky's Bar and Grill".... More

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