'Roquefort' on Serious Eats

Roquefort Tariff off the Table

Stinky cheese lovers, rejoice! While the US had been threatening to impose a 300% tax on Roquefort cheese—in response to the EU’s refusal to import hormone-treated beef—that twice-delayed tariff is now off the table. Roquefort prices should stay safely where they are.... More

Serious Cheese: Bush's Legacy, Making Roquefort Almost Impossible to Buy

Photograph from Wikimedia Commons For the last eight years, Americans have seen their fair share of questionable leadership and head-scratching policy decisions. Leave it to Dubya, however, to save the best for last. The Agence France-Presse is reporting that before leaving office, Bush has enacted legislation that will increase tariffs on France's beloved Roquefort cheese to 300 percent, an amount that would make purchasing it in the U.S. untenable. As the Huffington Post pointed out yesterday, Bush has never been known for his gastronomic tendencies, preferring canned vegetables to fresh, so it isn't too surprising that he would use Roquefort as a pawn in a trade war that began when the E.U. banned growth hormone-treated meat in the late... More

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