'Rolling Bones Barbecue' on Serious Eats

Notes from the South: Riblets, Smoked Chicken, and More at Rolling Bones Barbecue in Atlanta

[Photographs: Chichi Wang] More Notes from the South Wilber's Barbecue and Currituck BBQ Company » Flip Burger Boutique in Atlanta » Busy Bee in Atlanta » The mighty Appalachian Trail begins in Georgia where the Chattachoogee Mountain Range, dense with towering pines and oak, sprawls over much of the land north of Atlanta. Dusk was setting in as our Prius clung to the dirt road winding up the side of the mountain; having chosen the wrong fork in the road, we made our sojourn back down with little light. By the time we finally reached Atlanta, the city was dark and the streets on which we drove, deserted. Rolling Bones Barbecue shined like a beacon of barbecue light, the... More

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