'Rocco DiSpirito' on Serious Eats

The 10 Worst Food Trends? Really?

The Chicago Tribune ran a piece this week about the supposed "ten worst dining trends" of the last decade. We all know top-ten lists are a great way to get people's attention, and a negative list like this really sets people off. But are these trends really all bad? I don't think so. Let's take them one at a time. 10. Fried Onion Blossoms This monster is from Dallas BBQ in Manhattan. Read more here » [Photograph: Erin Zimmer] That's all you got? C'mon, a fried onion blossom is basically just a great big pile of onion rings. Granted, they usually run a little greasy. But who doesn't like onion rings? I'm not recommending you have one of these for... More

Rocco DiSpirito: Misunderstood Chef of the People or Megalomaniacal Celebrity?

"What DiSpirito really loves to do is bring attention to himself Paris Hilton–style and try to cash in on it." New York Times There is a silly profile of Rocco DiSpirito in today's New York Times that is notable for its lack of insight. Yes, DiSpirito was at one point a very talented young chef who, it must be said, never figured out how to run the kitchen of a successful restaurant. But his reality TV show debacle The Restaurant showed in horrifyingly minute detail how little interest Rocco had in either cooking for people, doing anything meaningful with his kitchen skills, or even running a successful business. Reality shows often don't offer up complete portraits of their stars. But... More

New York Big Wigs Name Fave Pies in 'Daily News'

I forgot to blog this earlier today. A bunch of celebs and food world big machers named their favorite New York pizzerias. It's in the Daily News: Martha Stewart: Luzzo's Rocco DiSpirito: "The white pizza in the bar area at The Modern." Mario Cantone: Apizz and Otto Help NYDailyNews.com choose New York's best pizza! [New York Daily News]... More

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