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Video: Birthday Cat Is Not Amused

You may have seen the birthday cat meme earlier this week. A very unimpressed-looking, smooshed-face cat (in a red tie!) is being serenaded "Happy Birthday" by some cute-sounding kids. But the cat so doesn't want to be there. I was saving this video gem for our Animals Eating Friday feature, and then realized—oh, how perfect! Our own AHT editor/beautiful photo-taking/manatee-loving Robyn's birthday is on Friday! But Robyn doesn't look unamused right now—she looks pretty chuffed. She's also not in a red tie. More

Our Own Robyn Lee on 'No Reservations'

Photograph courtesy of Kathryn Yu's Flickr photostream Well, it's not like Serious Eats' Robyn Lee was a talking head on No Reservations, but you do see the back of her head on the show. FoSE Kathryn Yu captured the moment. There's Robyn in the background having lunch at Momofuku Ssam Bar. Update: Highmtn pointed out this photo in Robyn's Flickr stream. Thanks! Strangely appropriate, as the episode had to do with food porn, which Robyn excels at. Bourdain talks about food porn in this blog post and in this video with David Chang, where Bourdain says: It's anti-food in a sense. This is the thing with the food nerds—they're your most loyal followers. They spread the gospel, for sure,... More

Photo(s) of the Day: Happy Birthday, Robyn!

Since one photo cannot summarize the breadth of serious eating this woman can perform, we had to pick four. ¡Feliz cumpleaños, Robyn! And special thanks to Mrs. Lee for birthing you! We must also thank your friends from Norway who sent that Rick Astley lookalike today from the Peppy Grams singing telegram service. To quote Rick: we're never gonna give you up, Boppy.... More

Photo of the Day: Giant Ice Cream

I'm so glad Robyn is going to be back in the office tomorrow so she can find good Photos of the Day. I'm spotty at best and just end up teasing Robyn by posting photos from her own Flickr account. Past the jump, a bonus PotD. [Note to Robyn: DO NOT CLICK PAST THE JUMP. You will ruin the surprise we have for you here at the office.]... More

Rockin' Robyn

If you're missing Robyn's posts around here and you're wondering where she went, well, she's on vacation in Phoenix, where she's been since Sunday afternoon. We're all having a blast reading her loooooong and detailed posts on The Girl Who Ate Everything. (Here and here, so far.) And lest you think that that blog title is hyperbole, you should get a loada her Flickr photostream, which has been a river of food photos since her touchdown in Arizona. So far, it looks like she's visited a fancy-pants grocery store, eaten pizza, had an In-N-Out burger, helped cook homemade spring rolls (pictured), and eaten gelato. I'm sure there's more to come, and we're all looking forward to Day 2 ... Robyn—are... More

Help Robyn Graduate: Take Her Survey!

Serious Eats intern Robyn Lee, a.k.a. The Girl Who Ate Everything, is a graduating senior at New York University, and, because we like her so much, we'd really appreciate it if you took her short survey on online food communities for a class she's taking this semester. The survey's just eight multiple choice questions, no registration required, and won't take up more than a few minutes of your time. Thanks so much!... More

Falafel + Marshmallows = Lunch

By Robyn Lee | I don't know how L'as du Falafel can be considered the best falafel in Paris when Mi-Va-Mi sits right across the street. It may not be Lenny Kravitz approved (although how that become the gold standard for a great falafel I have no idea), but it's at least Robyn and Meg approved, which must count for something. Mi-Va-Mi's falafel pita sandwich stuffs light, crispy deep fried balls of seasoned ground chickpea in a soft, fluffy, chewy pita along with melty eggplant chunks that are reminiscent of butter and what seems to be an entire head of chopped pickled red cabbage. It would be better with more falafel and eggplant magic and less crunchy cabbage action,... More

Sorbet and Gelato: Part of a Balanced Diet, Kind Of

By Robyn Lee | After a failed early afternoon trip to Gelati d’Alberto which didn't open until 3 PM, my friend Jessie and I went to Damman's Glacier for dessert after scarfing down some sadly sub-par gyros at Saint Michel. Although my soul usually writhes in horror at the idea of not getting a creamy, dairy-based flavor, my body screamed for something with fruit or at least a slight presence of beneficial nutritional value. Of course, strawberry basil sorbet isn't exactly recommended by doctors; it just seemed less doom-full than Jessie's orange chocolate ice cream. A hint of basil mixed with strawberry made for a refreshing dessert, but it would've been better if the "small" wasn't the size of... More

Salads and Baguettes of Greatness

By Robyn Lee | I returned to one of my favorite restaurants, Le Relais Gascon, upon the request for a place that served French food, was vegetarian friendly, didn't cost a bucketload, and could fit a group of six. They're known for making crazy salads in bowls the size of babies' bathtubs that defy convention by consisting of a mountain of thick, garlic-laden fried potato rounds on a bed of lettuce and other salad items that wouldn't taste nearly as awesome without potato suffocation. For those unrestricted by a vegetarian diet, the salad may also include fat-laden things of animal origins such as tuna, lardons, smoked duck or foie gras. Say hello to the most delicious and thus least... More

First Bites in Paris

By Robyn Lee | When one of my friends told me to eat a green macaron for her in Paris, she was probably referring to those of the pistachio flavored kind. Instead, the first green macaron I ate during my vacation was flavored with the fatty squeezings of olives and a hint of vanilla, borne from the incomparably distinctive kitchen of Pierre Hermé who I believe makes the best macarons in Paris. What did it taste like? Well...olive oil, if it had the texture of a solid, creamy ganache surrounded by lightly chewy macaron cookies. The first bite was oddly delicious, but after getting over the not exactly surprising shock of, "Oh my god, this reallllly tastes like olive... More

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