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Robert Irvine Has Started a 'Blog Site'

Robert Irvine, the fired Food Network chef who has himself admitted he "was wrong to exaggerate," has started what he calls a "blog site." Irvine comes out punching, setting the record straight for all you haters with a 1,000-plus word blog post. There are some rumors and stories that have spread over the internet and in the papers, some containing only a grain of truth, most untrue, some wildly inaccurate. I’m not going to bore anyone by rehashing old tales or defending against every misinformed accusation... Previously Robert Irvine Fired from the Food Network Celebrity Chef Has Pants on Fire... More

Robert Irvine Reemerges

In his first communication since a March 28 missive claiming he had made "mistakes," Robert Irvine reemerges in the form of an email newsletter, Comic Sans and all. In his monthly e-newsletter for April (there was none for March), Irvine describes how "the past few weeks have been filled with a lot of ups and downs," and lashes back at critics: "Even though a lot of what happened was mischaracterized, I know one thing: I can cook." Further in, he attempts to rectify past mistruths, or, alternatively, perform a little history revision: The intro to his Food Network show Dinner Impossible used to claim, until it was edited out, that he had "worked for three presidents," but in the email... More

Robert Irvine Speaks

Robert Irvine publicly responds to his fabricated resume. He says, "I'm trying to move forward," and may have another TV show in the works. [via Food Network Addict]... More

Robert Irvine Backs Out of St. Petersburg, Florida, Restaurants

Robert Irvine will not be opening the two "highly anticipated" restaurants Ooze and Schmooze in downtown St. Petersburg, Florida. A statement released today by the property's landlord and Irvine's business partner avoided the recent controversy, explaining that "the timing is not exactly right." Previously Robert Irvine Fired from the Food Network Celebrity Chef Has Pants on Fire... More

Robert Irvine Fired from the Food Network

The Food Network has released a statement saying it has "not renewed Robert's contract for future seasons" and "will be looking for a replacement host." Robert Irvine, in his first appearance since the scandal erupted, apologized, saying, "I was wrong to exaggerate in statements related to my experiences regarding the Royal Family." Previously: Celebrity Chef Has Pants on Fire... More

Home Shopping Network Pulls Robert Irvine's Cookware

The Home Shopping Network has stopped selling Robert Irvine's "Royal Titanium" line of cookware. Searches for his cookware now yields zero results, but the Google cache has all of it archived. Too bad, because the "Chef Robert Irvine Royal Titanium Nonstick Possible Pan" will surely become a collectible item.... More

Robert Irvine's About Page Now Blank

The About page on Robert Irvine's website is now blank, claiming "This page is under construction." Google cache has the original about page. [Thanks LunaPierCook!] Previously: Robert Irvine's Bio Pulled from Food Network Website... More

Robert Irvine Disinvited from South Beach Wine & Food Festival?

Even though Robert Irvine may show up as one of the "personalities" on the website of the South Beach Wine & Food Festival, his page is now blank (although Google still has a cached version). Google cache also confirms that Irvine was scheduled to appear in the "Grand Tasting Village" with Guy Fieri on Saturday, but the current schedule has no mention of him. Previously: Robert Irvine's Bio Pulled from Food Network Website; Wikipedia Entry Edited... More

Robert Irvine's Bio Pulled from Food Network Website; Wikipedia Entry Edited

"It's unfortunate if Robert embellished the extent of his culinary experiences," Food Network spokeswoman Lisa Del Colle wrote. "We are investigating the matter and taking the necessary steps to ensure the accuracy of all representations of Robert on Food Network and foodnetwork.com." The Food Network's bio for Robert Irvine now gives an error; but you can see the Google cache. Quote from Robert Irvine's website: "Being a part of history is great!" Updated: Apparently someone's been updating Robert Irvine's Wikipedia entry in his favor: "User: and User: likely are the same person. He/she appears to be determined to eliminate all negative facts about Irvine, which confirms my suspicion this is one of his reps or Irvine himself." Previously: Celebrity Chef... More

Celebrity Chef Has Pants on Fire

The St. Petersburg Times reports that celebrity chef Robert Irvine, of the Food Network program Dinner: Impossible, may have stretched his resume a bit. The paper details how Irvine, in trying to hustle up funds to open two restaurants in St. Petersburg, Florida, fabricated stories about being a knight, owning a castle in Scotland, and having cooked for presidents and royalty. [via Gawker]... More

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