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Inside Sweetleaf's New Brooklyn Café

Drinks Liz Clayton Post a comment

Roasters from the other coast are prominently featured, such as Heart and longstanding Sweetleaf favorite Ritual. We loved the sweet and airy Colombia El Mandarino microlot from the latter, poured over V60 into a sneaky custom brew-bar with brewer-cone drains. The level of care is among the highest in NYC—with the level of pretension among the lowest. It's a(n unfortunately) rare combination that makes each cup of coffee that much sweeter. More

Coffee Common: Bringing Coffee Power to the People

New York Liz Clayton 1 comment

New York, you've been warned. A motley crew of migrant coffee professionals is set to land in your city next week. They're here to school you—in a friendly way—and they may also fix your grinder for you. More

5 Lattes We Love In San Francisco

Drinks Carrie Vasios Mullins 6 comments

While once the word latte only meant one thing—the traditional drink made with espresso and steamed milk—the category has expanded quite a bit. But we're OK with this transformation—as long as there are as many delicious incarnations as there are misguided eggnog-pumpkin-soy sugar bombs. Here are five delicious lattes we've enjoyed in San Francisco. More

Four Awesome Kenyan Coffees To Seek Out Right Now

Drinks Liz Clayton 4 comments

As spring blushes into summer, the emergence of lush, almost enthusiastically flavorful Kenyan coffees has come upon us courtesy of some of North America's finest roasters. We've rounded up four of the very best of these—all hailing from the fruitful Nyeri region of Kenya—plus a bonus coffee from Burundi for good measure. More

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