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Celebrate with These 5 Sparkling Cocktail Recipes from D.C. Bartenders

Drinks Brian Oh 1 comment

We asked a few of our favorite bartenders around town to share some bubbly cocktail recipes—festive drinks that are just right for impressing your fellow holiday revelers. Ranging from simple variations on the classic Champagne cocktail to more elaborate concoctions, these 5 holiday libations are sure to liven up your holiday season. More

Violet Beauregarde Part 2

Serious Eats Brian Oh Post a comment

A floral and sweet variation of the classic Champagne cocktail from Josh Berner of Ripple in Washington, DC. More

Gotta Wear Shades

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This recipe from Josh Berner of Ripple in Washington, DC yields a simple, citrusy variation of the classic Champagne cocktail. More

First Look: Ripple's Grilled Cheese Bar, Washington D.C.

Brian Oh 3 comments

Ripple's Grilled Cheese Bar operates on a small counter, complete with a meat slicer, panini press, and an array of cheeses. You can get the Stinky Pete ($9) made with "hideously smelly" Torta la Serena cheese, asparagus, and anchovies; and Krusty Krab ($11), made with jumbo lump crab and b├ęchamel. More

Adventures in Fat-Washing: How to Make a Sesame Oil-Infused Cocktail

Drinks Brian Oh 2 comments

Depending on the type of person you are, the term "fat-wash" will either sound delicious or disgusting to you. A fat-washed cocktail might evoke images of tubs of lard, but it's really just the term for a technique of infusing liquors with other flavors. At Washington, DC's Ripple, bar manager Josh Berner is currently offering a series of fat-washed cocktails, featuring gin infused with sesame oil, mezcal flavored with bacon, and vodka enriched with olive oil. More

Ripple's Play It Sam

Serious Eats Brian Oh Post a comment

This recipe from Josh Berner's of Ripple in Washington, DC, yields an earthy cocktail with a Moroccan twist. More

First Look: Ice Cream Sandwiches at Sugar Magnolia, D.C

Sweets Brian Oh 1 comment

Sugar Magnolia, a new ice cream sandwich shop by the owners of Ripple, opened its doors in D.C. We dropped in to see what's in the freezer. More

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