'Rick Moonen' on Serious Eats

'Top Chef Masters,' Ep. 5: Junk Food, a Big Dinner, a New Way of Looking at Panna Cotta

Guess who said it: "A good panna cotta, if it's set right, is meant to wobble like a woman's breasts." The Contestants (above, from left) Michael Chiarello: Bottega; playing for Clinic Ole Rick Moonen: RM Seafood; Cape Cod Commercial Hook Fishermen's Association Nils Norén: French Culinary Institute; Friends of FCI Lachlan Patterson: Frasca Food & Wine; The Children's Hospital Quickfire Challenge: Remake Junk Food Ah, very Fancy Fast Food. How accidentally of the moment. As a Bravo tie-in, the cast and crew of Flipping Out—who often eat junk food on the show—will be judging. (You know, this doesn't really make me want to watch Flipping Out. Also: Really? We go from Doogie Howser to these clowns?) Oh, wait. They're not... More

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