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Sugar Rush: Jasmine Buttermilk Tart at Revel, Seattle

Sweets Jay Friedman 1 comment

Revel's dessert menu changes monthly, and as the city survived its usual April showers, it makes sense that May's theme is Flowers. The new menu includes Chocolate Malt Cake with blackberries and orange blossom crème anglaise, as well as Rose Panna Cotta with pistachio macaron and pink peppercorn honey. But thinking strawberries and cream for spring, I choose the Jasmine Buttermilk Tart with Strawberries and Chantilly ($7). More

Laura Pyles' Guide to Seattle Sweets

Sweets Carrie Vasios Mullins Post a comment

Laura Pyles, this year's winner of Food and Wine's Best Pastry Chef- West Coast, is known for her themed dessert menus at Seattle's asian fusion restaurant Revel. Where does the creator of the Moon Pie Parfait and Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie with a potato chip crust go when she's not baking her own sweets? We found out. More

Cochon 555 in Seattle: The (Pork-Filled) View from the Judging Tables

Jay Friedman Post a comment

I had the opportunity to serve as a judge in Seattle's Cochon 555, a competition where local chefs take on heritage pigs with delicious results. Here's my point of view, from the judge's table. This was true nose-to-tail eating, most prominent in the long-cooking broths with head parts, the ubiquitous use of lardo, the addictive chicharrones, and the appearance of pork in the desserts. More

Seattle: 8 Great Pan-Fried Dumplings You Should Eat

Jay Friedman 6 comments

After a search through Seattle-area restaurants, I wouldn't say this is a thorough list of the best pan-fried dumplings, but instead a diverse list with some of my favorites or most fascinating. In my ongoing dumpling quest, I'm looking for interesting forms, fillings, and even toppings—or, admittedly, sheer value. More

The Best Ramen in Seattle: 6 Bowls to Try

Jay Friedman 4 comments

I'm fond of saying that there's a symphony of slurping in Seattle these days, as ramen makes its way into area restaurants. Diners are digging in, appreciating the difference between the Cup Noodles that supported them as students and the more sophisticated bowls that that serve as affordable meals for these new noodle connoisseurs. Here are the 6 bowls you've got to try in the city. More

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