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First Look: Narwhal Oyster Truck in Seattle

The menu board listed four food items, including a version of the fried oysters that have been earned national acclaim at The Walrus and the Carpenter oyster bar. Soup with seafood, trout salad, and toast with a fish smear are typical of the menu items you can expect to see if you can harpoon a visit with Narwhal. More

First Look: The Whale Wins, in Seattle

While there will soon be patio space out front, the action is currently in the L-shaped dining room, where there's also a friendly bar (serving predominantly French wines and cocktails) and an open kitchen. Olives, salt, and Boat Street Pickles are among the many items on pantry shelves. White walls and wood logs contribute to a country cottage feel, with bowls of food out on the counter begging to be sampled. You might find yourself with an urge to snag a sardine or some roasted fennel. More

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