'Reheat' on Serious Eats

Five Years Ago on Slice

A screen grab from the Slice archives: Five years ago to the date, if not the minute. I was just looking at past Thanksgiving posts on the site and found this one. The sentiment remains the same, if not the travel plans. I'm staying in New York this year but eating turkey nonetheless. Pizza is for after the holiday, when I'm sick of the bird.... More

What Is Grandma Pizza? Erica Marcus Explains Once More

Newsday This story on grandma pizza is a bit of a reheat, both on Newsday's part and on Slice's. This story ran in 2003, and I think we linked to it at some point, but it looks like people have been asking more and more about this style of pie. And so Erica Marcus, who wrote the article almost five years ago, trots it out again. It's definitely worth it, as in the last five years the grandma pie has exploded onto the scene. It used to be hard to find outside of Long Island, but now it's all... More

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