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Ask Anthony Bourdain Anything Over on Reddit

Anthony Bourdain will be answering 10 questions from this Reddit thread (submit yours by this Wednesday at midnight EST) on video, which will be posted next week. Again, you can ask him anything. So far there's quite a range of topics; questions about specific No Reversation episodes, about his family, his musical taste, would-you-rather scenarios, and just wanna-grab-a-beer-with-me offers. More

Want: Spaghetti-and-Meatball Deep Dish Pizza

[Photograph: Reddit] Someone on Reddit made a spaghetti-and-meatball deep dish pizza. I don't know what's come over me, but I really want a slice of this thing. Funny, too, because when you scroll through the pics from the original poster, you'll see s/he used DKM's Chicago-Style Deep Dish recipe from pizzamaking.com. I'm going to have to hunt for a good meatball recipe and try this myself. See also: Deep Dish Pizza à la Cook's Illustrated »... More

Reddit Alien Pizza

Over on social news website Reddit, someone posted a photo of a dinosaur-shape kids pizza, saying, "I ordered pizza from the kids menu and this is what I got." The photo was voted up by users and made it to the Reddit front page. The pizzeria that made the dinosaur pizza, Rocky Mountain Pie in Lone Tree, Colorado, then made a pie in the shape of Reddit's alien logo. Hey, Rocky Mountain Pie, we want a pizza in the shape of Slice Dude. Rocky Mountain Pie 8854 Maximus Drive, Lone Tree CO 80124 303-792-2670; rockymountainpie.com... More

Strange Delivery Situations

Recently, I've rediscovered Reddit and love crawling it, looking at the weird pizza-related crap on there. Like this thread (admittedly a month old) directed toward delivery drivers asking about the weirdest outfit a customer answered the door in. This response is great for the "related note" bit: I think my favorite would be the time a guy in a pirate outfit with beer in his beer answered the door. On a related note: Two Halloweens ago, while delivering for my locally owned pizza place, I dressed up in a Domino's Pizza guy outfit. Every reaction was awesome. (Edit: to clarify... More

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