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Serious Entertaining: A Thai-Style Tapas Dinner

Serious Entertaining Niki Achitoff-Gray 3 comments

I love to tapas Thai food. Not only does it make a stunning sight, laid out in a lavish and colorful spread, but the boldly sweet, sour, and spicy notes seem to physically lower my body temperature—even when the dishes themselves are fiery-hot. These particular recipes are quick, easy, and hot weather-friendly. Many also call for the same ingredients, so don't be daunted by the volume—once you've gathered staples like citrus fruits, herbs, and fish sauce, the rest of it's a breeze. More

22 Recipes We Love For Cinco De Mayo: Tortas, Chilaquiles, Enchiladas, and More!

Eunice Choi Post a comment

We've rounded up our favorite main dishes for your Cinco de Mayo fiesta. More

8 Recipes We Love for Cinco de Mayo: Salsa, Guacamole, and More Sauces

Eunice Choi Post a comment

Salsa, guacamole, mole, oh my. Whether you're going all out on Cinco de Mayo, or just making yourself a plate of nachos, here are 9 sauces to make this Sunday. More

14 Taco Recipes We Love for Your Cinco De Mayo Fiesta

The Serious Eats Team 4 comments

With Cinco de Mayo coming up, we collected all of our favorite taco recipes. Everything from carnitas and barbacoa to vegetarian fillings like charred asparagus or butternut squash. And we couldn't forget the breakfast taco. More

Peas Please! 18 Pea Recipes We Love

J. Kenji López-Alt 2 comments

NOW is the time to get your butt over to a farmers' market to get some fresh peas, preferably picked that morning and cooked as soon as possible. Here are 18 recipes with peas including springtime salads, pastas, fish dishes, and more! More

22 Asparagus Recipes We Love

Renata Yagolnitzer 6 comments

Spring is pretty much upon us, which means asparagus is starting to poke up in farmers markets and now we have no excuse not to get off your butt and get some. Asparagus salads, soups, and more of our favorite ways to eat this harbinger of spring. More

15+ New Orleans Recipes We Love for Mardi Gras

The Serious Eats Team 1 comment

If you're in New Orleans for Mardi Gras, well then consider us jealous. (While you're there, here are some eating tips.) But if you're like the rest of us who can't make it, here's a list of appropriately fattening foods for Fat Tuesday. More

Serious Entertaining: Super Bowl Snacks

Serious Entertaining J. Kenji López-Alt 3 comments

The key to a great game day spread is to make sure that you've got a good mix of dippables, scoopables, finger foods, and full-on edibles to keep your guests satisfied and entertained, all while making sure that enough of them can be made in advance so you don't have to worry about spending the whole game in the kitchen or rushing around like a maniac during half time trying to re-fill party platters. More

Game Day Party Planning: 20 Dip Recipes We Love

Lily Wong 1 comment

We've put together a list of our 20 favorite dips, from the classic Ranch to Hot Salsa Verde to the Super Bowl-friendly Buffalo Chicken Dip. Try any one of these and it'll be like you ate a meal without even having to lift a fork. More

Game Day Party Planning: 14 Wings Recipes We Love

Lily Wong 11 comments

Whether you're planning on actually watching the Super Bowl or just using it as an excuse to eat excessive amounts of wings, here are plenty of options for you. More

Happy National Pie Day! 10 Savory Pie Recipes We Love

The Serious Eats Team Post a comment

Wait, it's not March 14th. We still have a couple of months before Pi Day. But today the pie gods are giving us another excuse to eat pie. January 23 is National Pie Day as sanctioned by the Pie Council (yes, such a council exists). They picked 1/23 because "celebrating is as easy as 1-2-3." This means, if you haven't eaten a pie already, locating one should be very high on your priority list. More

15 Chili Recipes We Love

Amanda Nichols 4 comments

There are disputes in the chili world as to what makes the best chili. Ground beef or chunks? Are tomatoes allowed? Should we even mention beans? What if it's all vegetarian? We've included a different chili recipe for everyone in this mix. More

Potatoes! 36 Potato Recipes We Love

Hally Wolhandler 4 comments

Potatoes: they're always hanging around. At least, I never remember buying any but then always seem to have at least five in my kitchen (what's with that?). I'm going to go ahead and assume this happens to other people too. They're sort of the plain janes of root veggies but that's a good thing, because they're versatile, and they're a gluten-free starch (important for some). More

Thanksgiving Sides: 9 Potato Recipes

Hally Wolhandler Post a comment

Potatoes are a Thanksgiving MUST, but mashed aren't the only way to go. Check out these 9 potato recipes we love, including one for the ultra-fluffy mashed kind. More

This Week's Tasty 10: The 10 Most Popular Posts from the SE Kitchen

The Serious Eats Team Post a comment

14 Asian Soup Recipes We Love

Hally Wolhandler 2 comments

Served in a big bowl, an Asian soup makes the perfect meal for the fall. Whether clear of broth and full of chewy noodles, or super thick and packed with heat, these soup recipes are sure to warm your body (and maybe your soul) this season. More

Tasty 10: The 10 Most Popular Posts from the SE Kitchen

The Serious Eats Team Post a comment

35 Pumpkin Recipes We Love

The Serious Eats Team 11 comments

Hey everyone, it's time to eat pumpkin in as many ways as possible. Toasted pumpkin seeds, roasted pumpkin soup, pumpkin muffins, pumpkin butter, and the list goes on. What's your favorite way to eat pumpkin? More

This Week's Tasty 10: The 10 Most Popular Posts from the SE Kitchen

The Serious Eats Team Post a comment

49 Pasta Recipes We Love

The Serious Eats Team 5 comments

One of the best things about pasta is its incredible versatility. Whether you prefer tomatoes and meat slow-cooked into a heavy sauce, or something light and lemony tossed with fresh herbs, or a comforting cheesy casserole, you can easily find your next dinner here. More

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