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41 Recipes for Your Hanukkah Feast

Hanukkah is hands-down the best holiday ever. Think about it. It combines the best elements of the other greatest holidays—family and overeating—but without the downsides of, say, a panic-inducing turkey that cooks, like forever (looking at you, Thanksgiving), or wallet-draining gift-giving obligations (ahem, Christmas) and multiplied by eight! We've got 40+ recipes to fill your holiday table. More

12 Festive Game and Lamb Recipes for Your Holiday Table

If Thanksgiving left you with turkey fatigue, it's time to turn to lesser known meats for your holiday main. Whether you choose lean bison, gamey venison, light cornish hens, or juicy lamb, you'll love the surprising flavors of an untraditional roast. Unsure of where to start? Here are 12 festive recipes for game and lamb that pair well with any combination of holiday dishes. More

31 Hearty Recipes For Bitter Greens

What to do with late-season bitter greens? With some basic tricks in your back pocket, these cold-weather leaves transform into the tender, flavorful staples of tons of great recipes—the sort of robust, rib-sticking fare you start to crave with these first winter chills. See all 31 recipes in the slideshow! More

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