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Taste Test: Fancy Pants Instant Ramen From Myojo Chukazanmai

We all know what to expect with the super-cheap, sub-$1 brands of ramen at the grocery store. But if you're willing to spend just a little bit more on your instant noodles, you can upgrade to noodles that are dehydrated naturally, much in the manner of Italian pasta, creating a texture that is far closer to fresh noodles than the spongy, inexpensive versions. The brand I grew up with? Myojo Chukazanmai. It comes in a variety of flavors including some that aren't commonly available here in the U.S., but for today, I'm focusing on the three main flavors: miso, soy sauce, and oriental. More

Paul Qui and the Hole In The Wall Team Talk Ramen Shop

At East Side King at Hole in the Wall in Austin, chef/owner Paul Qui, head chef Yoshi Okai, and partner Moto Utsunomiya are known for turning out slightly gonzo, supremely satisfying ramens like beer bacon miso and chicken tortilla ramen. They're also all ramen aficionados in their own right, clocking serious mileage between Texas and Japan to scope out the latest in ramen trends across the country. We talked to the trio about their most memorable bowls of all time, ramen in the US versus ramen in Japan, and more. More

An Updated Guide to Seattle Ramen, in 6 Bowls

There's a ramen boom in Seattle, with noodle pop-ups, new restaurants serving ramen, old restaurants jumping on the bandwagon, and even ramen at a farmers market. While not every bowl is a knockout, I've found six that would make us the envy of most of the country. More

Ramen Hacks: 9 More Ways To Upgrade Your Instant Noodles

Today we're dusting off our membership cards to the newly expanded Ramen Transmogrification Society of the Greater Universe (any other members of the RTSGU out there?), and embracing the ridiculous, the silly, the downright stupid. The following recipes are completely, entirely, and utterly bereft of any significant cultural, culinary, or intellectual value, and, well, I'm sort of OK with that. Never in his wildest imagination did the younger me think he'd one day be making a living out of stuffing tortillas with noodles and photographing them, but, well, here we are, thanks to the fickle whims of the internet. More

Making Ramen Pasta With Yuji Ramen

When Yuji Haraguchi first started serving his wildly creative ramen omakase at the Whole Foods Bowery back in March, it was supposed to be a two-month stint. Fast-forward to present, and Haraguchi is still going strong in the same tiny kitchen, serving a constantly-changing seven-course, seafood-centric tasting menu to a lucky handful of diners (six, to be exact) five nights a week. Here's a look at what goes on behind the scenes. More

Taste Test: The Best Chicken-Flavored Instant Ramen

Raise your hand if instant ramen noodles were the first dish you learned to cook on your own. Yeah, I thought so. For this taste test, we wanted to stick with the basics: inexpensive and widely available were our two top criteria for making the cut. All of these instant noodles are available for under a dollar, and all of them can be found across the country, or ordered online. To keep things reasonable, we stuck with chicken flavor. Which brand is the king of the instant noodle scene? Read on to find out. More

Pizza Lab: How to Make Ramen Crust Pizza

It looks like pizza, smells like pizza, it even tastes a little like pizza, but it's not pizza. At least, not inasmuch as pizza is defined by its bread-based crust. The slice you are looking at shares much in common with pizza. It's got gooey melted cheese. It's got a robust tomato sauce that balances zestiness and sweetness with just the right bit of zip. It's got a crisp underbelly and a soft, moist, tender interior. It just happens to be made with noodles instead of dough. More

Anatomy of a Smorgasburg Pop Up: A New York State of Ramen

Don't let the frenzy created by Keizo Shimamoto's ramen burger distract you from Sun Noodle Lab's core mission of spreading the gospel of ramen at Smorgasburg. The stand, as we explored in a previous column, functions as an incubator for aspiring ramen-yas looking to open up their own shop. But in their push to introduce Americans to a greater variety of ramen styles, they're exploring what regional ramen identity means here in New York. More

The Ramen Rater's Top Ten Instant Noodles Manufactured in the USA, 2013 Edition

Instant noodles originated in 1958 in Japan, but since that time, they've expanded in popularity all over the world, including of course, the United States. Seeing this, instant noodle companies thought it wise to start building plants here in the 1970s. Since then, many brands have opened factories here in the US, mostly in southern California. This is a list of my top ten favorite varieties produced in America. More

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