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Rachael Ray Pizza Madness Bracket Map Location Info

View Rachael Ray Pizzeria Bracket in a larger map Braciole asked yesterday evening for a list of all 64 pizzerias in the bracket. I've started compiling the list and address info. It's taking a while —longer than I thought — because I'm adding map links and such. But until I add all that here in this post, I'm going to give you a Google map of all the places plotted. Just click that map for a larger version. It's probably an easier way to convey the places' locations in terms of where you may live, anyway.... More

Pizzeria Bianco Wins Rachael Ray Pizza Madness Bracket

[Photograph, Robyn Lee; chart, Every Day with Rachael Ray] If the truly pizza-mad among you haven't picked up a copy of the March issue of Every Day with Rachael Ray magazine (the one in which Ed Levine and I wrote an article bracketing out 64 pizzerias across the country), it's out on newsstands now. Additionally, the magazine's website has posted the online version here. What you might find in that issue: That the champion pizzeria is Pizzeria Bianco in Phoenix. The final four pizzerias were Pizzeria Mozza (LA), Motorino (NYC), Great Lake (Chicago), and Pizzeria Bianco. The bracket that... More

Now It Can Be Told: What 'Pizza Madness 2009' Was All About

Click me bigger! [Every Day with Rachael Ray] Some of you may have seen the stuff on the various Grub Street blogs, the Eater blogs, Village Voice/Fork in the Road, on the Chicago Tribune's Stew blog, in the New York Post, etc. The news that Rachael Ray has found the best pizza in the country. Yes and no. Every Day with Rachael Ray *magazine,* for the March issue, pegs a best-pizza-in-the-country story to college basketball's March Madness. The story will feature a 64-entrant mad-good-pizza bracket. I'm told that subscribers should be getting theirs as early as today; the issue... More

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