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Now We Can Eat Street Meat: Patch Protects Against Diarrhea

If the fear of picking up a nasty stomach bug and consequently being cooped up in your bathroom has prevented you from being an adventurous eater during your travels abroad, there may now be a solution. Researchers have developed a patch consisting of toxins from E. coli that could be effective in preventing diarrhea attacks. The idea is that it primes your immune system to be better prepared should it face the real thing. A study showed it was 75 percent effective against diarrhea attacks caused by E. coli, and those got sick recovered at a much faster rate than those who didn't use the patch. [via the BBC]... More

US Patent for Common Mexican Bean Revoked

The United States Patent and Trademark Office recently revoked the patent for the common Mexican bean. Officially named the Enola bean, a man named Larry Proctor in the 1990s claimed to have invented it after selectively breeding some beans he bought in Mexico. Turns out that this "unique" yellow legume is actually preeetty similar—identical, in fact—to the Phaseolus pinto bean, also known as the azufrado or Mayocoba bean, which is commonly planted by Latin American farmers. Hmm... [via Boing Boing]... More

Automatic Egg Boiler: Pretending to Be an Egg Conoisseur

The problem with whipping up family brunch on the weekends is that it's the one time where everyone actually wants to eat breakfast for a change – and the demand for eggs is at an all-time high. Looks like a job for this appropriately-shaped automatic egg boiler, which can boil up to seven eggs at a time. Just set it to ten minutes for soft boiled, 15 for hard-boiled, or use the special tray to make three poached eggs simultaneously. [via TOKYOMANGO]... More

Local Urban Efforts: Vertical Farms

New York Magazine asked four architects to come up with ideas to fill an empty plot of land by Canal Street, and Work AC came up with this stairway-like concept for a vertical farm. Each level showcases a different crop; rainwater is collected in the four large tanks at the top for irrigation. Check out more concepts for vertical farms over at TreeHugger.... More

Wine Bars Are Taking Over New York

Once seen a novelty, wine bars are now "proliferating like latter-day Starbucks" in New York, becoming less of a fancy ordeal where patrons got an earful of wine knowledge and more of a relaxing atmosphere to wind down with a glass of red or white. The New York Times takes a look at the changing faces of wine bars as they try to differentiate themselves from among the crowd, with many offering inspired nibbles going beyond the usual cheese platter, and others merging "genres" of tapas and wine bar together.... More

Jelly Bean Round Up

Easter's come and gone, and now it's time to take advantage of those Easter candy sales. Candy Addict has an extensive round-up of jelly beans, flavor by flavor. You won't find any Jelly Belly ones, but looks like the offerings from Starburst, Jolly Rancher, Lifesaver, and Nerds are just as satisfying.... More

Maryland's Official Dessert Could Be the Smith Island Cake

"Florida has the key lime pie, Massachusetts has the Boston cream pie and, hopefully, Maryland will have the Smith Island Cake": The iconic multi-layered cake made of flour, butter, eggs and chocolate could soon become Maryland's official dessert. Originally brought over by the settlers who came to Smith Island in the 17th century, the cake originally consisted of four layers but has gradually grown in size to around eight or 10 layers, with filling variations depending on who you got your recipe from. The Maryland Senate voted 44-1 in favor of the cake – all that's left now is approval from the House... [photo via On the Record]... More

Find Your Vegan Wares at Vegan Etsy

Vegan users on Etsy, an online marketplace community for handmade goods, now have their own hub. Started by a team of users with completely vegan shops, Vegan Etsy is a blog featuring Etsy shop owners selling vegan goods, like Hilaaary and Cupcakes & More, both of which sell vegan baked goods. [via Slashfood]... More

Chocs for Obama

Just in time for Super Tuesday and Valentine's Day: send some Democrat love with a box of Obama chocolate truffles filled with espresso-Cognac ganache. While you're at it, why not pair 'em with his supporter Oprah (who comes raspberry ganache)? Four pieces go for $12.00 at Cosmic Chocolate Shop. [Via The Nibble]... More

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