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Top This: How to Make Cavolo Nero Pizza (à la Pulino's)

Slice Erin Mosbaugh 6 comments

Meaty slices of chewy, house-made salami picante share the stage with cavolo nero, similar to common kale in texture and flavor. A drizzle of spicy Calabrian chile oil packs just enough heat to give the pizza an added dimension but doesn't drown out the rest of the toppings. Want to learn how to make this bad boy? Step right this way. More

Pulino's: Nate Appleman Out; Pizza Different But Still Good

Slice Adam Kuban 10 comments

The weblog Feast mentioned yesterday that Pulino's Bar & Pizzeria has revamped its crust. Funny, we had the pizza there just a few weeks ago while shooting a Pieman's Craft video and hadn't noticed a difference at the time. But Pulino's executive chef Nate Appleman confirmed the change when we emailed him, so we headed over to check it out. Long story short: It really is new, and it really is improved. The all-over crispness (almost crunchiness) is gone, replaced by a crisp-chewy round of flavorful crust. After the jump, a before-and-after. More

The Pieman's Craft: Pulino's Breakfast Pizza with Nate Appleman

Slice The Slice Team 16 comments

For this installment of the Pieman's Craft, we talked to Nate Appleman of Pulino's Bar & Pizzeria in New York City to see how he makes the Salsiccia, one of the signature breakfast pizzas there. An indulgent pie perfect for sharing in the morning or at brunch, it's topped with mozzarella and grana padano cheeses, bacon, sausage uncannily reminiscent of the Jimmy Dean variety, and a couple of eggs. More

NYC: Pulino's Bar and Pizzeria

Slice Nick Solares Closed

"The result is probably the highest expression of bar pizza." [Photograph: Nick Solares] Pulino's Bar and Pizzeria 282 Bowery, New York NY 10012 (at Houston; map); 212-226-1966; pulinosny.com/ Pizza Style: "Bowery style" Oven Type: Wood Stone gas-assisted wood The Skinny: It could never have lived up to all the hype that preceded its opening but Nate Appleman has succeeded in developing an exulted form the of bar pizza, bolstered by a superb in-house butchery and partner Keith McNally's front-of-house professionalism Price: $8 to $19 Notes: Reservations recommended When I heard that Pulino's Bar and Pizzeria would be serving "Bowery style"... More

Pulino's Bar & Pizzeria Will Serve Burgers, Too

A Hamburger Today Adam Kuban 2 comments

Nate Appleman pulls a face of mock anger for the camera. [Photograph: Adam Kuban] From an interview with Nate Appleman on Metromix New York: And you'll be doing burgers too, I hear. That's part of the in-house butchery, too.... More

Nate Appleman on the Frenzy Surrounding Pulino's Opening

Slice Adam Kuban 9 comments

[Photograph: Adam Kuban] Metromix New York has a great interview with Nate Appleman about the hullabaloo surrounding the Pulino's opening. I don't want to snip too much of the Q&A session, so here are just these two Q's: The hype surrounding Pulino's--pretty intense. Honestly, it's ridiculous. The combination I guess of Keith and myself is kind of a unique thing. To be 100 percent honest, we're cooking pizza. Pizza is so common with the American man or woman that it can never be transcending. It's not like talking about sea urchins and trying that for the first time. That... More

Pulino's Bar and Pizzeria, a Gallery

Slice Adam Kuban 15 comments

Don't worry, Nate Appleman here isn't angry at Slice. He was just pullin' a face for the camera. [Photographs: Adam Kuban] Another week, another high-profile pizza happening, man. Today, Pulino's Bar & Pizzeria, the long-awaited pizza joint helmed by San Francisco arriviste Nate Appleman (late of A16 in the City by the Bay). Other Coverage AHNY (good breakfast pie info) » Lunch Studio » GSNY (nice interior shots) » Guest of a Guest » Food in Mouth » Though to call it a "pizza joint" would be a bit of an understatement. The latest in Keith McNally's restaurant group (oh,... More

Photo of Pulino's Pizza on 'ZagatBuzz'

Slice Adam Kuban 1 comment

ZagatBuzz manages to get a photo of a pizza from Nate Appleman's upcoming Pulino's Bar and Pizzeria. Of course you can't judge a book by its cover, and the photo from a Zagat reader is a little blurry, but the pie looks fairly interesting. If you recall, Appleman told Slice that he was going for a unique style of pizza. Pulino's will open Monday. Pulino's Bar and Pizzeria 282 Bowery, New York NY 10012 (at Houston; map)... More

NYC: Nate Appleman Will Not Be Serving Neapolitan Pizza at Pulino's Bar & Pizza

Slice Adam Kuban 21 comments

Slice just ran into Nate Appleman, who, as you may know, is set to open Pulino's Bar & Grill with restaurateur Keith McNally. Appleman tells us two things: 1) That he's about three weeks out from opening Pulino's, and, perhaps more important, 2) That he's not doing Neapolitan-style pizza there.... More

NYC: Job Openings at Nate Appleman's Pulino's Bar & Pizza

Slice Adam Kuban Post a comment

NBC New York has dug up floor plans of Pulino's, should that type of thing excite you. [Plans: NBC New York] First, I will once again say that they have the name bass-ackward, but there is some news coming from Pulino's Bar & Pizza helmsman Nate Appleman. The guy tweeted this last night: Hiring: cooks, pizza makers, prep, dishwashers. Anyone interested please send resumes to [nappleman@pulinosny.com] (Note that the correct email address is listed above; Appleman tweeted an incorrect address in the original tweet.) Polish up those interviewing skills!... More

Tweetzeria: Pulino's Bar and Pizzeria Opening Pushed Back?

Slice Adam Kuban Post a comment

@benleventhal: "McNallyWire: While not inconceivable that this intel is a decoy, kitchen-side source has Pulino's opening late Jan/early Feb." [Pulino's was originally scheduled to open this month. —The Mgmt.]... More

A Bit of a Profile on Nate Appleman in the 'New York Times'

Slice Adam Kuban Post a comment

New York Times The New York Times runs a somewhat light profile on Nate Appleman today. Appleman is the guy who left San Francisco's A16 pizzeria and turned up in New York City, where he'll helm restaurateur Keith McNally's Pulino's Bar and Pizzeria. There's not much pizza-related meat to this piece, saying that the menu is largely a collection of notes in Appleman's iPhone. It does mention some oven-related stuff, though: The showpiece of the kitchen will be a pair of wood-fired ovens, one for pizza and one for meat. Mr. Appleman turned butchering into a public spectacle at... More

Nate Appleman of A16 Fame Opening Pizzeria with Keith McNally in Manhattan

Slice Adam Kuban 3 comments

Nate Appleman. He did A16 in San Francisco. When it opened, it was one of the few pizzerias in the U.S. to get the Verace Pizza Napoletana certification. Rumors have been going around the last couple of months about him moving to New York. Would he open a pizzeria? Looks like Grub Street New York confirms it. He's partnering with Keith McNally (Balthazar, Minetta Tavern, etc.) on Pulino's Bar and Pizzeria on the Bowery. So we do indeed swap one tattooed Neapolitan-leaning pizzaiolo for another. Look for the place to open in December.... More

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