'Puka Dog' on Serious Eats

Hot Dog of the Week: Puka Dog

"In the constantly evolving culinary melting pot of Hawaii, it's hard to pick the state's one true hot dog." Past Weeks' Dogs The Philly ComboTijuana DogsTexas WeinersFlo's Hot Dogs, Cape Neddick, Maine Who knew that Hawaii was a gold mine of obscure hot dog variations? Portuguese immigrants first came to Hawaii in the 19th century, bringing sausages and sweet bread buns. American-style hot dogs were introduced to Hawaii (along with spam) by the United States military during World War II. Throw in Chinese and Japanese influence, plus local ingredients, and you get one of the wildest hot dog regions in the world. The Puka Dog is the culmination of sixty years of island hot dog evolution. Puka means "Hole" in... More

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