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College Tours: Where to Eat Near Princeton University

Carey Jones 22 comments

With school starting up again, we'll be sharing our favorite campus eats at universities across the country. Up first, Princeton. More

Daily Slice: Teresa Caffe, Princeton, NJ

Slice Casey Barber 3 comments

The Perfetta at Princeton, NJ's Teresa Caffe is an Ivy League pizza on a student budget: a satisfyingly salty mix of prosciutto, grana padano, and farm-fresh arugula. More

A Look at the Tasting Menu at Elements in Princeton, NJ

Erin Zimmer 2 comments

Before Elements opened in October 2008—in a former auto body shop—there wasn't much in the way of fine dining in Princeton. Quite a few Serious Eats editors and writers have spent time in Princeton but never seem to mention much beyond the Wawa hoagies. But the daily-rotating menu at Elements is an ambitious one, with nuanced dishes like a savory morcilla brownie topped with taragon ice cream. Take a look at what we recently ate. More

Video: Visiting The Bent Spoon in Princeton, New Jersey

Sweets Erin Zimmer 9 comments

We're no strangers to the sweets at Bent Spoon in Princeton, New Jersey. So we were excited to see the latest video from Food Curated, which pays a visit to the locally-loved, small-batch ice cream shop. More

Beyond the Ice Cream: The Bent Spoon in Princeton, New Jersey

New York Carey Jones 8 comments

[Photos: Carey Jones] We've written about their banana whip; Ed's raved about their contributions to the New Amsterdam Market. But even though we've got a long-standing relationship with The Bent Spoon—one of our contributors worked there, and I spent... More

New Jersey Dispatch: Whole Earth Center in Princeton

New York BrianYarvin 9 comments

"No matter how basic—even if it’s just an apple, a cabbage, an onion, or a potato—you can be confident that it will be better here than anywhere else." If you had asked me, I would have told you that health... More

Hoagie Haven in Princeton, NJ: Phat Ladies, Chocolate Cheesesteaks, and Happy Undergrads

New York Carey Jones 18 comments

It's hard to bring yourself to order a Phat Lady. But it's equally hard to put it down. More

Sugar Rush: Banana Whip at the Bent Spoon in Princeton, New Jersey

New York Carey Jones 8 comments

Princeton, New Jersey, has been blessed with three stellar ice cream shops. Thomas Sweet caters to the all-American sweet tooth, while Halo Pub churns out rich creamery classics as old-school as Princeton itself. But The Bent Spoon is the... More

New Jersey Dispatch: Cherry Grove Farm in Princeton

New York BrianYarvin 2 comments

Not long ago, a farmer explained to me that one of the important roles that animals play in agriculture is converting seasonal foods, like grains and hay, into year-round items, like meat, cheese, and eggs. It was a powerful... More

Are America’s Best Croissants in Princeton, New Jersey?

New York Carey Jones 27 comments

I'll be the first to admit it: That's a pretty audacious claim. Our fair nation has no shortage of first-class bakers, whether French, French-schooled, or otherwise, who can turn out one fine pastry. Haitian-born Edwige Fils-Aimé may be tops among them. More

New Jersey Dispatch: PA Dutch Farmers Market

New York BrianYarvin 10 comments

Nobody idealizes wholesome food more than the Amish, and it's always a pleasure to head off to Lancaster County and pay them a visit on their home turf. However, as patient as they are, the Amish can't wait around... More

Magma Pizza in Princeton, New Jersey, Using Lava Rocks to Cook Pies

Slice Adam Kuban 13 comments

Photograph by *sim* on Flickr You've heard of wood-oven and coal-oven pizza, but now there's lava-rock-oven pizza. In Princeton, New Jersey, next to the Sam's Club there, is a pizzeria using an oven filled with lava rock, in an attempt to achieve superhot, even cooking temps. New Jersey Monthly has the deets on Magma Pizza: Order a slice, and you’ll get a strange oval shaped thin crusted pizza. Try it, and you’ll realize [owner Gabe Mahayni] may just have found the secret. The pizza is light from the grill, no grease or drip, just great flavor so each bite... More

Jersey Dispatch: Ice Cream at The Bent Spoon and Thomas Sweet in Princeton

New York BrianYarvin 14 comments

Inside The Bent Spoon. Before I say anything further about the town of Princeton, New Jersey I have to dispel two rumors that always seem to pollute any discussion of the place. The first one states that you will... More

Cadiz, Kentucky: Doug Freeman, Ham Man

Ed Levine 2 comments

Editor's note: Occasionally what looks at first glance to be a conventional guidebook transcends the genre in surprising ways. John T. Edge's Southern Belly is just such a read, which is why I'm pleased that he has allowed us to excerpt selected items from it on Serious Eats, where they appear every other week. —Ed Levine By John T. Edge | The Italians wouldn't put up with this. Imagine some governmental agency coming between the good citizens of Rome and their supply of prosciutto di Parma. And you can be sure that the French would raise a ruckus if Parisians were cut off from their artisanal sources for saucisson sec. But for the most part, we Southerners just knuckled under... More

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