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A Sandwich a Day: DGGC from the Friendly Toast in Portsmouth, NH

The flavor combos at Friendly Toast may seem a little bonkers upon first read of the menu, and they are, but just have faith. A mojito milkshake? Falafel burrito? A grilled cheese made with both cheddar and American on cayenne-cheddar bread (cheese on cheese!) with an olive-garlic spread and strawberry-habanero dipping sauce? Wait, come again? But the DGGC, which acronymizes Damn Good Grilled Cheese, lives up to its name. More

A First Look at the Friendly Toast, Part Deux, Now Open in Cambridge, Massachusetts

Opening a restaurant’s second location is like making a movie sequel. It should capture the feel, the look, and the ambience of the original—faithfully recreating everything that made it a hit in the first place. But it should also bring something else to the table. Move the story along. The Friendly Toast, just opened on Sunday (May 17) in Cambridge, Massachusetts, does so admirably. It’s hard to replicate the success of a local institution. Up in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, the original Friendly Toast has earned lines out the door since 1994 for its mammoth pancakes, crazy egg dishes, and over-the-top kitschy décor. But from an airy space in Kendall Square, the owners have crafted a second Crayola-hued temple of... More

Green Eggs and Ham (And a Side of Kitsch) at The Friendly Toast in Portsmouth, NH

Every city has its local institutions—and small New England cities tend to be particularly devoted to their own. But hometown pride only partly explains the wild popularity of The Friendly Toast in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. There’s the décor: the bright red walls of this kitsched-out eatery are a veritable gallery of mid-century Americana, with plastic sculptures of Dick and Jane perched over the open kitchen, “Enjoy Life With Miller!” signs, and KFC-brand shades on the hanging lights. There’s the late-night schedule: open 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. on Monday through Thursday, but 24 hours all weekend, never shutting its doors from Friday morning through Sunday night. And then there’s the food. The Friendly Toast serves the most eclectic array... More

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