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Knife Skills: How to Clean Shiitake, Portobello, and Oyster Mushrooms

Some mushrooms are seasonal (think: chanterelle, morel, porcini). Others, we've gotten quite good at cultivating and are available year-round. Still, when I get a hankering for mushrooms and I take a quick glance over at the calendar, it's usually a fall month. It's something about their earthiness that does it for me. Here's how to clean three of the most common cultivated varieties. More

Make Vegan Carpaccio With Miso-Marinated Mushrooms

The idea for using a marinated mushroom in place of the meat came from an exceptional vegan meal we had at Kajitsu, a restaurant specializing in shojin ryori (Japanese Buddhist monk cuisine) in the East Village. The miso marinade was what really sold me. It added a rich, meaty flavor to the mushroom that pushed it from "gee, that's delicious" territory into "why the heck aren't all my mushrooms marinated like this?" land. That's when I knew I had to replicate them at home. More

Top This: Cashew Cream Pie (à la Portobello)

Vegans and the lactose intolerant get the short end of the pizza stick when it comes to finding an enjoyable cheese substitute. But Portland, Oregon's best vegan restaurant, Portobello, has a solution: stop trying to replicate cheese in the first place. Owner Aaron Adams devised a simple, easy, vegan replacement for head pizzaiolo Will Fain's delectable pies that is nothing whatsoever like mozzarella, but is totally satisfying in its own right: cashew cream. More

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