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Hot Dog of the Week: Krakus Market in Philadelphia

Hot Dog of the Week Hawk Krall 4 comments

A few weeks ago we featured the kielbasa from Swiacki Meats in Port Richmond; this week it's a kielbasa variety from nearby Krakus Market, a full-service Polish grocery store and restaurant that also has a staggering variety of house-cured Polish meats and sausages. More

In Botched Robbery Attempt, Thief Makes Off with Wrong Kind of Dough

Slice Adam Kuban 12 comments

I love this story. On Staten Island, a less-than-bright thief followed the owners of Brothers Pizza home after the shop had closed and grabbed from them a bag holding what he thought was the day's cash take. It turned out to be ... pizza dough. ... D'oh! More


Slice Ed Levine 4 comments

At Denino's, the pizza box says it all: "In Crust We Trust." They should trust their crust, because it is light and crisp and pliant. Denino's is a classic red-brick tavern pizzeria (with a separate dining room), but it is just as welcoming to kids after a little league game as it is to middle-aged softball players coming in for a pie and a brew after a game. I'm crazy about Denino's sausage pie, which features fine sweet Italian sausage made fresh every day by a local butcher. If you want to go vegetarian, try the white pie, made... More

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